Adventures of Maia | The Dream and The Plan
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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The Dream and The Plan

Dick had a dream in his 20’s to sail around the world. He brought up the idea to me a couple years ago, I was a hesitant at first and came around slowly. Our plan became to sell the house and most of our things and then buy a sailboat, which would become our new home. This would make us free to go wherever we wanted for as long as we wanted. In April, we decided we could make the dream of cruising and sailing happen by the end of the year!!! Nevertheless, a few things needed to happen first! After being partners for 14 years, he proposed and we became married on May 1 (our “14th first date anniversary”). We had an awesome ceremony in the mountains in Park City and then a wonderful celebration in our backyard.

Before selling the house and buying a sailboat we had to fix up the house, (new siding, windows, driveway, paint inside & out, and upgraded landscaping). We also needed to clear out 11 years of all the wonderful things we gathered. It was a busy summer, but we made it all happen, the house went on the Market this past week! What we did not realize was that to sell the house, it would be best if we pretty much moved everything out of the house, before we sold. (Our realtors said it was best to stage the house, to sell it quickly.) The realtor open house was on Tuesday, we had 4 showings (no offers yet). We have had some crazy couple months!! “Our house” no longer feel like our home, which probably is a good thing, since it will be someone else’s soon!

The next BIG step is to find our new home, a 38-44 foot sailboat. The search will begin soon, as we hope to be on the water sometime this coming winter. The last couple nights have been our first to relax in a long, long time. Deep breaths and believe the stress will be over soon and that this will be the beginning of an amazing journey! Hope to see you out there!!! Fair winds & following seas!

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