Adventures of Maia | We are Vagabonds!
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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We are Vagabonds!

We are Vagabonds! We are on our way to San Diego to visit family, look at boats & begin a road trip up the West Coast to find our new “home” (a sailboat)! The house sold in November, everything we still own is either with us or in storage (we still have way to much stuff in storage)!

We have quite a few types of sailboats in mind, (in the 40 ft range,) but ours has not shown up yet. So far we spent a lot of time online looking at boats and have taken a couple trips to look at boats in person. We plan to find a boat that will keep us safe, but will also sail well into the wind. Will she be a Corbin, Norseman, West Sail, Valiant, Caliber, Passport, Nordic, Shannon, Island Packet or ???? We have a list of boats that we are considering that we received when we took our Offshore Cruising Seminar from John and Amanda Swan Neal. (

As we drove thru the night, boat names came to mind; Zzyzzx, Dark Water, La Luna, Nisqualli, Established, Moon.

Possible domain name; Keep rolling, Centered,

A Blog name; Dick & Laura’s (Sailing) Adventures

This road trip seems to be part of the Journey. When Dick brought up this sailing adventure, about 4 years ago, I was hesitant, to say the least (Hi Dad)! One of my reasons not to go sailing was that I wanted to see more of the US, via land. Driving up the way up the West Coast of the US, will get that checked off my bucket list!

Everything has come together nicely since “the wedding proposal’ in April. We were married May 1! We had amazing weather for a Round Valley wedding, a wonderful gathering in our backyard and a perfect weekend with family and friends.

Next, the house got new windows, siding, paint, front walk & driveway. We finished with awesome landscaping (thanks Bill White). Our realtor, Tom Peek recommended we get some help with selling the house. We had a “stager”, Kelley come to help us decide what we should leave in the house (which was not much). We had already gotten rid of a lot of stuff at our yard sale, so we got rid of more!! Then we had cousin, Maura Powers, a realtor & feng shui expert come over to help with the finishing touches and we got rid of more stuff!! (thanks Maura) We staged three rooms with rented furniture. The house looked awesome and no longer felt like our own. The house sold within 6 weeks (thanks Team Peek), and we were out the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Our close friend, Sue McJames let us stay at her home during the transition from house to sailboat. She was traveling for part of the time, so we were able to spread out and get re-organized and get rid of more stuff!! Everything we have now is either in storage or with us!! Trevor moved to Salt Lake and is living with a couple of friends in an apartment near the U.

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