Adventures of Maia | Road Trip, Day Three
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Road Trip, Day Three

Huntington Beach, California Huntington Beach, California

We are on our road trip up the West Coast!! This is day three. We stayed at Huntington Beach RV park for 2 nights (I give it a 3 out of 5; great location, across PCH from a beautiful beach, nice laundry, pool & jacuzzi, the bathroom and showers are ready for a remodel.) While in the Los Angeles area we looked at several boats; a Norseman 400, Valiant 40 & Westsail 42. Ellie spent a little time on the deck of a boat and liked it!

While we were in San Diego we looked at an Island Packet. We like the boat, it seems like it would be comfortable and safe, however it is a little pricy, does not seem to have much storage, and not sure how well it will sail into the wind.

Today we left Huntington is a torrential rain storm! We went to look at the Norseman again, it was amazingly dry. We like the boat, love the inside however it will need a lot of work to get it ready to sail. Another unknown is the multiple blisters on the bottom of the boat!

The drive up Highway 1 was wonderful. We had rain for much of the day, but driving along the ocean was beautiful and saw a rainbow! We stopped in Malibu for Coffee/Tea and the mapping program took us around on a loop to get back to Highway 1. We came down a steep road with a wonderful ocean view, and ended up on a great beach (near the Sunset restaurant)!

Now we are at Carpentaria State Park, which is right on the beach. Looking forward to spending time here tomorrow and going to Santa Barbara!

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