Adventures of Maia | Oregon – Washington
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Oregon – Washington

Dick, Ellie & I had a beautiful drive up Highway 1 from Morro Bay to San Francisco! We were thinking of staying in Big Sur, but it was pouring rain and everything was drenched, so we made it further up the Coast to Pescadero. From Pescadero, we found a delightful Campground near Santa Cruz, with an Ocean view. We were excited to look at boats in the San Francisco, explore the area a bit and meet up with my cousin, Mark Beeson. We had a good SF visit, but as none of the boats spoke to us, we continued to the Pacific Northwest!

We boogied up the amazing Oregon Coast, it felt much more rugged than California. We spent just one night in Oregon in wonderful campground on a small lake. It was very green and lush. We rushed, as we wanted to arrive in Seattle by Friday to look at a boat that was not yet on the market. We were excited to spend the weekend in Seattle with friends!

On Friday, we first met up with Lynda and Terry Lahman for a wonderful lunch and a quick tour of their amazing property. They offered to keep the trailer for us while we were in the area (we did not want to haul it around the Seattle area, as we had a real home to stay in)! Then we were off to see Hello World, a Caliber 40 sailboat, it is a possibility for us! While in Seattle area we stayed with good friend Elise Trester, in her lovely condo in Sammamish, WA. We spent time catching up with her and her bo, Tom Blackwood, went out to see Star Wars, did some hiking and began learning to live with rain and more rain or as Tom described it to us, “Perma-mist”.

We looked at several more boats in the Seattle area, but nothing seemed to quite right. Our broker, Pete McDonagle with Swiftsure Yachts, recommended we look at a couple Sceptre 41 sailboats. They were designed and built in Vancouver, Canada and had the specifications we were looking for. There were two available in Victoria. So, today we are heading up to Canada, (my first time ever) to look at the boats. We feel that we are getting close to finding our new home!

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