Adventures of Maia | The Transition to Living Aboard
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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The Transition to Living Aboard

We had a busy 17 days in Park City. It was difficult for me when we first drove into Park Meadows and the cul-de-sac. Looking down at 750 River Birch made me feel sad, because it was not our home anymore. I found it interesting, that in the summer when we re-sided, painted, put on the new door, driveway and walkway, it had never felt like “ours” anymore.

It was great seeing people in Park City. I had a fun ski day with Susan & Guy. The weather was beautiful most of the time we were in PC, which was nice, as we emptied our storage space and spent a lot of time in the garage getting things organized, before packing up. Our last day in Park City we finished packing the truck and trailer, did a bunch of errands, and then before we drove away, we stopped by each of the old neighbor’s houses, to say good bye.

I cried when we left, as we said good bye to Park City and then the Wasatch Range, not knowing when we would be returning. What a beautiful mountain range. I have so many memories of Salt Lake and Park City. The trip to Washington was quick. We spent one night on the road (we slept in the truck), then Maude & John’s, David & Dee’s, Weezie’s, before we arrived in our current town of Anacortes.

We rented a storage area in Anacortes to use during the transition. We spent a night in a hotel with Ellie and then took her to a boarding facility. It was hard dropping her off, (it felt similar to when I would drop Trevor off for daycare). All is good now and we feel it was a good transition for her to the boat.

We spent another day up in Sydney BC, doing our final inspection of our soon to be new sailboat, Respect / Maia. We loaded on all the additional items that Wayne had for her. It all seems surreal. The next day, Tuesday, we took the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor, where we took possession of MAIA after she passed through customs! We then sailed her back to Anacortes.

We have begun our new life, living aboard. We are slowly getting organized as I came down with a nasty cold, spending our first full day mostly sleeping. Dick and I had a couple good musters, talking about what needs to be done and where we will put our things. We had some riggers come by today and we liked what they had to say. We will see where the bid comes in. I am feeling a little better today, so I could get a few things put away. Looking forward to tomorrow when we will move in more!

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