Adventures of Maia | Port Townsend, WA – The Re-rigging Begins!
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Port Townsend, WA – The Re-rigging Begins!

We are in Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend and have been here since March 17. We love the area! It is an awesome little harbor surrounded by historic buildings, with the Ocean or should I say the Sound on two sides. On the Admiralty Inlet side is a beautiful beach. Across the marina, is the end of Water Street and the Port Townsend Maritime Center.

Our last weekend in Anacortes, Elise & Tom came for a visit. It was awesome to have visitors aboard! We had appetizers on the boat, then walked to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Sunday, Tom treated us to breakfast at the Calico Cupboard, it was yummy! After bruch, we came back to MAIA and played dominoes. We had so much fun!!

For the re-rigging of MAIA, we decided to work with Brion Toss and Co. When Bob and Brion looked at the boat, Brion immediately started talking about things that could be fixed with BOTH the standing and running rigging! We knew right away that we wanted to work with them. We were excited to find someone who is attentive and thorough and will allow us to do a lot of the work ourselves.

We pulled the Mast (out of the boat – Yikes!) on March 19. It has been stripped and is in the Sea Marine boatyard. Anything that is going back on, will be cleaned and then re-installed. Rigging was removed and measured for replacements. A big decision was whether we could replace our current rod rigging, with wire rigging as wire would allow us to be able to make easier repairs in the field. Final decision was that rod would work best for the overall performance of the boat. Currently, the rod rigging is being fabricated. Chain plates have been removed and will be tested. We have also been working with Port Townsend Sails (Carol Hasse and Alison – our sails person) trying to decide which sails can be repaired or will need to be replaced!

On March 23, we went to storage in Anacortes. On the way, we stopped at the Bridge over Deception pass, it was really beautiful. We got a few things out of storage and then had a quick dinner at the Corner Bar & Grill, then headed to Trader Joe’s in Shoreline to sell the Rocket Box, before going to our Marine Navigation course. It is a ten-week course, where we will be taking the ferry into Shoreline every Tuesday afternoon. Excited about becoming better navigators!

Yesterday, we cleared out of our last storage space! Yea!!! We are whittling down to just what we will keep on the boat. We still have a few more toys to sell, but will keep those to play with for now.


Measuring the rigging for replacements.

Working in the boat yard, getting the mast ready.

Looking through the hole where the mast should be!

Fun riding cruiser to explore Port Townsend and pick up supplies and food.

Chicken Feet Dominoes, fun had by all!

Navigation Course by the Coast Guard Auxilary

Clearing out our final storage space!

EMPTY Storage 🙂

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