Adventures of Maia | Where has the time gone???
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Where has the time gone???

We have been busy! We have a sailboat that will sail! Mast preparation is complete. Silver dollar placed underneath mast. Mast stepped on Thursday, May 5!!! Just in time for a celebration (on Cinco de Maia) with our dock neighbors Claudia and Kim. On Friday, Brion and crew, began adjusting the rigging. At the end of the day we poured Spartite into the mast and then we needed it to sit as quiet as possible for a minimum of 48 hours, preferably longer. Luckily, we were able to move over to the Sea Marine dock, as there was a sailboat race coming into Port Hudson. The marina was cleared out, so the race boats could dock on Saturday night. We tied up to “Silver Girl” at the dock and the wind got really strong, so we kept an eye out on both boats while watching the racer boats come in. It was So Much Fun watching the boats, bringing back memories of the Mackinac race, where my cruising days began.

There were a lot of projects leading up the Mast being ready to go back in. We installed mast steps, a track for the spinnaker pole, and a trysail track. The old rod was mostly replaced with new rod rigging (which was done by Port Townsend Rigging). However, we made running back stays out of Spectra, the jib stay out of dyeform and the forestay and the back stays out of 1X19 wire rigging. (We were going to use the old jib stay for the back stays but the core was “overstressed” and was pulling away from the outer strands. This would mean that the rigging would not be the strength that we wanted.) Brion taught us how to put on the high mod fittings for our stays and also how to splice, as we helped ready our new rigging.

We had the renaming party for MAIA on Saturday, April 16. Friday, Dick and I, finished taking off the old name from anything and anywhere on the boat and had a de-naming ceremony to please Neptune & Aeolus. David Lee, Dee, Elise, Tom, Lynda, and Terry came for the event Saturday night into Sunday (Dick’s birthday J). Ellen and Stan came for the celebration. About 20 of our new friends from the boating community also joined us. We had a Great time! Dinner after, at Khu Larb Thai (yummy). Then on Sunday we had a great brunch at Point Hudson Café for Dick’s birthday. After brunch, I took off to go to a store with Weeze and then I continued shopping. Trevor had the great idea of a Captains hat for Dick, which I looked for most of the afternoon. Finally, the last store I went in had one! It was a perfect gift.

Sue (Haas McJames) arrived on Monday. We went to visit our good friend Ellen (Wright Berdinner) for afternoon tea in Chimacum at the Farmstand Café. The next day I was asking our dock neighbors about their cockpit cover and Kim said that he had done the work himself and had a Sailrite sewing machine we could borrow. Wow! I approached Sue, our pro seamster (per Mr. Toss), and she said she would help get us started with re-stitching our “Dodger” (partial cockpit cover). This was a project that was not on the list, even though the stitching had started falling apart. Besides “our” project we showed Sue around town a bit, had a nice dinner at the “Owl Sprit” Café, and had a fun dinner at Ellen and Stans. Dick and I continued work on the mast project, and cleaning parts for the steering that were not being replaced. While Sue was here, she helped us move the boat with inside steering, as our new replacement parts had not arrived yet.

April 23 was the Port Townsend Marine Swap and I participated in the Port Townsend Yacht Club event, cleaning the beach at Port Hadlock. I met a lot of nice people and that allowed us the opportunity to join the Yacht Club (mainly for reciprocal privileges at other Yacht Clubs once we begin our journey Northward!) That afternoon we worked with Brion learning how to install Hi-Mod fixtures on our wire rigging. (Fun process, but when I am being showed how to do it, it feels very overwhelming!)

Work continued on the mast project, cleaning winches and once we received the parts for our steering, we put that back together. The last week of April we had our first splicing lesson with Brion. Our new chainplates arrived and were painfully put back in. Dick had a sewing lesson and helped finish our “Dodger project”.

We celebrated our 15/1 year anniversary on May 1. We had a great dinner in town at the Fountain Café.

Re-Naming ceremony to please Neptune & Aoleus!

Bob and Brion, our main rigger team!

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