Adventures of Maia | Countdown to Cruising time!
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Countdown to Cruising time!

With a departure from Port Townsend imminent, it was time to sell our mountain bikes and Dick’s final motorcycle, the Suzuki DR 650 (kick start)! Sad to see them all go, but excited that we are getting to the cruising part of the journey!!!

Rig tuning was completed, removable backstays and preventer lines installed. We received our repaired sails from Hasse and Co. And then SAILED to Port Ludlow! So excited to be out sailing on MAIA. We anchored for our first time, in the inner Cove of Port Ludlow for a couple nights. It was lovely! We then spent a couple additional nights on the PL dock, our first Yacht Club free reciprocal.

With rigging complete our next project was installing new lifelines. We decided to make them ourselves out of Spectra line, with the guidance of our rigger and Mentor, Brion Toss.

We head back to Port Townsend for a couple days. We try our new anchoring technique, outside of “Sirens” Pub. After try # 3 we think we have it set ok, but while we were anchoring my phone had been ringing. Bob, one of our riggers had been watching our attempt, while he was on the deck of Sirens, with some salty sailors, they let us know exactly the right place to anchor. We pulled up the anchor again and then once we got it in the right spot we heard cheers from our gallery. (A little embarrassing, but local knowledge is always welcome!)

As our Cruising journey is imminent, time was also spent grocery shopping and stocking Ms. MAIA with food for our trip. Getting excited as Trevor (our son) is coming to visit next week!

Port Ludlow inner anchorage, Beautiful!

Port Ludlow sunset

Our Salty Dog helping with the life line project!

Ellie on deck at anchor, outside of Sirens.

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