Adventures of Maia | Cruising in the San Juans
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Cruising in the San Juans

There are some last minute things we need to get take care of before we head off on our Cruising Journey.  MAIA needs a name put on her. We find a local company that can get the stickers ready for us within 24 hours, awesome! Truck needs to be sold. She gets emptied out, gets a cleaning inside and out. Pictures taken and ad goes on Craig’s List. Presto, within hours we have buyers interested and on June 3, Ellie & I say goodbye to it (our Toyota Tundra, an awesome ride) as Dick drives it away to its new buyer.

Trevor arrives, Dick returns and we get ready to go. Our cruising life is about to begin!

On June 4 we sailed out of Port Ludlow, heading to the San Juan Islands. We got our first real lesson in what the tidal current can do. We expect to make some headway out of the Admiralty Inlet Channel, but the tide turned and we get slowed down enough that we decide it will be best to anchor outside of Port Townsend for the night. (We did not make any progress for a whole hour!) We fill up with diesel, apply Maia’s name, and make a run to the grocery store for some more goodies and anchor in our favorite spot outside of “Siren’s”. It was great fun showing Trevor around Port Townsend, where we spent our “winter vacation”.

We had a dandy time in the San Juan’s. Exploring Reid Harbor on Stuart Island, Suchia Bay and Echo Bay. The highlight of the trip was when we came upon a school of dolphins who were playing around in a swirling eddie. We turned off the engine and hung with them for a while, they were magnificent to see. The water was shimmering and they were diving in and out of the water swimming around with each other. Such a wonderful experience for us all. Ellie wanted to join in with them!

We ended our first cruise in Bellingham, sad to say goodbye to Trevor. So grateful that he was able to come start our cruising life with us!

We met up with Jerry and his wife Ginny for dinner. Last year they sailed to the Marquesas, Tahiti, back to the Marquesas, then north to Hawaii and back to Bellingham. They were selling some “barely used” gear. It was fun to have dinner with them and learn about their journey. We negotiated a deal for a life raft, Monitor wind vane, Trysail, IrridiumGo and some books. Once we got all our goodies, we got MAIA ready to go, as we were heading to Canada!

Yea, Trevor arrives!

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