Adventures of Maia | The Cruise continues into British Columbia, Canada
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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The Cruise continues into British Columbia, Canada

We left the US on June 10, heading up into Canada for a couple months. We checked in at Canoe Cove, BC. The entrance went smooth, as we had learned from the web what was ok and not ok, to bring across the border.

We headed to the Sceptre Rendezvous in Mill Bay. Great fun meeting new people and seeing Hilde & John from Solar Wind who we had met at Port Townsend. It was really fun looking at all the other boats and seeing how different they were. We had heard that our boat had done well in the Sceptre “Fun” race, winning top places and were encouraged to see if we could keep up the tradition. We tried hard, but ended up in the back of the pack. After the race we were told that the previous owner was very serious about the race and would unload the boat to make it light and bring a racing sail and a friend who was a ringer. That made us feel better!

After our fun weekend, we headed to Sydney, BC and ended up at Capital City Yacht club. The members were very friendly, it was a really nice club. We were able to stay there two nights and then headed across the bay to North Saanich Yacht Club. It was great being able to use some of our Yacht Club free dock reciprocals. Dick was working on the awful job of changing out the sanitation hoses (which really needed to be done). The stench when he pulled them out was unbelievable. (Thank you Captain Dick!)

Our next major stop, the big city of Vancouver. We arrived on June 19 and met up with some of our Point Hudson neighbors, Claudia and Bob Dubuque. Bob was our local knowledge guy, as they had spent several weeks there, already this year. We anchored in False Creek. We had so much fun! We loved the city, there were grocery stores, hardware stores and marine stores within walking, biking & dingying distance. We purchased more boat things that were “needed” and stocked up on more food as we are heading up into the British Columbia wilderness soon.

We spent time with Bob & Claudia, and watched the full moon rise! Motorcycling friend Maura Gatensby, came to the boat one night for dinner. So nice to see her.

Princess Louisa
One of the first places that we were advised to go to was, Princess Louisa inlet. (Thanks Hasse!) Then, more and more people said we should go to this spectacular place. We did not want to get our hopes up too much, as we did not want to be disappointed. However, this was not the case. It was stunning and amazingly beautiful. The only way to get there is by boat or float plane. It takes a day to sail /motor there, by going up through these waterways that remind me of rivers. When you reach the entrance to Princess Louisa inlet, there is a tidal rapid, Malibu. It is important that you plan your entrance at the precise time when the tide is at slack. (We planned our trip to make sure we were there at the right time, otherwise it becomes a class 4-5 rapid!) Once you make your way all the way in, you are treated to this absolutely huge waterfall. The sound echoes through the canyon. The forest is beautiful, so green and lush with trees, ferns, moss and wild flowers. Such a special place.

We also met new friends, Bruce and Bridget from s/v Sojourn. First on the radio as we were preparing to enter the rapids and then we spent a little time with them, learning about their adventures.

At Malibu rapids is Malibu Camp. It is a Young Life camp that has been there for at least 50 years. Brother Tom went there went he was a boy, so we decided to go on a tour one day. It was really neat and it brought back memories of Camp Echo.

Being up in the wilderness, we did not have any wifi access (to check the weather and sea state), as we motor-sailed out we were not concerned, as it was a beautiful, calm day. However, when we met the main channel we were in for a surprise! There was wind and waves that tossed and turned us about. We had not stowed for sea, so many things ended up on the Cabin floor. It was a good reminder and lesson! Always stow for sea and be ready!

MAIA at Princess Louisa

At Chatterbox Falls

Princess Louisa Inlet, Chatterbox Falls

Always Stow for Sea


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