Adventures of Maia | Preparing for our Trip down the West Coast of Washington and Oregon to San Francisco
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Preparing for our Trip down the West Coast of Washington and Oregon to San Francisco

We arrived in Port Townsend on August 23 and immediately checked in with Port Townsend Sails to pick up our new Genoa and staysail! Back to the boat to install the Genoa before Hasse came down to check the fit of the sail and give us some instruction. It was fascinating listening to all she had to teach us. So great to learn from one of the best! We gave them back the main sail as they were now going to add a couple patches to prevent wear from the upper spreader. We will be back in a couple weeks to pick it up. It was wonderful being back in Port Townsend, kind of felt like coming home. We enjoyed a wonderful walk on the beach before heading to Seattle on the 25th.

Our trip to Shilshole Marina was uneventful except as we were approaching the Harbor several Orca Whales decided to come up for air. Quite a site! Our goal was to spend a couple weeks getting MAIA ready for our trip down the coast to San Francisco. Our friends Suzette and Paul from s/v Altair (who we met at the Sceptre rendezvous) have a slip at the marina and were able to arrange a slip for us. So fun to spend time with Suzette and Paul and very grateful for their help with everything! (Arranging our slips, helping with gear selections, taking us shopping, provided us a mail and shipping location, arranging crew, taking on the selling of our old boat parts, etc, etc!)

We were also able to meet up with our friends, Lynda and Terry for dinner one evening. Terry also helped us move our old boom down to the marina (as we were selling it). We also were able to spend a little time with Elise and Tom and removed anything we had left in Elise’s garage. (Our final storage spot in Washington.) Here we met Chris Bushue, who was to become our crew member for our trip down the coast.

We shopped for new boat necessities and did some provisioning (thinking that we could be on the passage for as long as 3 weeks). Projects that were completed and installed were, new companionway latches, 2nd manual bilge pump, VHF remote mic, AIS, EPIRB and a Rochna anchor. We also wanted to get the heater working and had someone come over and do some work. It was the only project that Dick decided not to tackle on his own.

On the 7th of September, we arrived back in Port Townsend to pick up our Genoa and enjoy a few days of the Wooden Boat Festival! We anchored outside of Siren’s (now feeling a little experienced with the spot). It was great to have pleasant weather. When we arrived, there was a smattering of boats at anchor, by the time we left, we had to weave our way thru many boats.

During the show it was fun to connect with Rosemary & Dave of La Vie en Rose (thanks for the show tickets!) We attended awesome free seminars, from well-known speakers Lin Pardy & Nigel Caulder. Also, great to see Jerry and Ginny (s/v Heron Reach) and have dinner together.

Raising our new Genoa! Thanks Hasse and company. Back at Point Hudson Marina, one of our favorites! (Aug 25, 2016)

Early morning hike on beach in Port Townsend. Such a beautiful and serene spot.

Leaving Point Hudson Marina.

Sunset in Seattle, at Shilshole Marina. We spent a couple weeks here, getting ready for our trip down the West Coast to San Francisco. (Aug 26, 2016)

Friends Suzette, Paul, Laura, Dick and Ellie

Back in Port Townsend for the Wooden Boat show. So fun to see friends, look at the beautiful boats and got to some great clinics. (Sept 9, 2016)

Beautiful moon, during Port Townsend’s Wooden Boat show. Fun to see all the boats in town.

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