Adventures of Maia | The Passage to San Francisco
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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The Passage to San Francisco

Our journey on the great Pacific from Neah Bay, WA to San Francisco, CA was a good one! We traveled 714 nautical miles in 5 days and 5 nights, with one quick stop in Coos Bay (fuel, showers and a walk for Ellie!). We met crew member Chris Bushue in Port Angeles (along with his wife Lauri and cutie dog, Jelly Bean, who spent one night with us). We did our final provisioning and had a wonderful Thai Dinner in PA.

We left Port Angeles, September 11 and were greeted quickly by the Dependable (or as others refer to it Relentless) Pacific Swell. The Swell are the big waves that are notorious on the Ocean. They are less intense when the weather is mild, but increase in height and severity with increased wind and weather. These were big rolly, swell, that is not too bad when you have been out on the Ocean for a few days, but when just starting out, can cause sea sickness. Luckily for Dick and me, we have fairly strong systems, Dick especially, so he does not seem to be bothered. I take some natural sea sickness medicine, use acupressure wrist bands, suck on Ginger candy and keep out in the cockpit and in the clear air. So far, I have done well.

When we arrived in Neah Bay, we ran into some friends we had met at Sullivan Bay, in BC, Janneke and Wietze from SY Anna Caroline. When we met them, they had sailed all the way from Holland, South to Cape Horn, then North to Alaska and were then in British Columbia! They too, were now on there way South to San Francisco. It was great to talk and get advice from some experienced cruisers! We stayed in touch via email on the entire trip down the coast. It was so great to have that communication.

After much uneasiness, Ellie the salty dog learned how to do her business on board. All of us humans felt as relieved as she did!

We had a couple rough spots on the trip. One night the wind changed to the South and with the North current the waves were very choppy. We slowed down and were able to cut through the waves a little easier. Our most excitement happened late afternoon, on September 15, as we were approaching Cape Mendocino, the wind increased, with 35-40 knot gusts and the swell increased to 6-7 feet. It was very exciting (and scary). Dick went up on deck to set up the staysail, but as soon as the sail was ready, the wind had died back down to 11 knots.

Dick’s summation of the trip in one word was “mellow”, mine was, “adventurous”. We (mostly Dick) did a great job with looking at the weather and keeping us in mostly calm conditions. We were able to sail the last 24 hours of the trip!

Chris, Lauri & Jelly Bean Bushue. Preparing for our trip to San Francisco. Chris came along as crew. (Sept 11, 2017)

Selfie of the Bushue’s and us in Port Angeles before departing on our adventure down to San Francisco.

Woohoo! Heading out of Port Angeles on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Next stop Neah Bay. With Chris Bushue, our crew for our trip down the Coast. So happy is is aboard!

Enjoying the beautiful morning after leaving Neah bay. (Sept 12, 2016)

Rounding Cape Flattery, wind and waves are picking up.

Sunset on the Great Pacific. (Sept 12, 2016)

Sunrise on the Great Pacific Ocean. Somewhere along the Coast of Washington or Oregon (Sept 13, 2016)

So fun to have the dolphins visit us! (They are camera shy, lucky to get a shot.)

Our gorgeous new Genoa!

A little cloud and fog but the moon still shone thru. It helps my confidence when it is brighter out at night. (Sept 14, 2016)

Not a selfie photo. Great having Chris aboard.

Ellie learned to brace in the big waves and swell! Our Salty dog!!!

See the waves behind Chris? The wind and waves tended to pickup in the afternoon.

The wind and swells picked up, Captain Dick is in his element.

Skipper Chris loving the wind and waves.

Less wind and waves make Laura a happy girl!

Please, please. please. Can we go to shore for a potty break?

Cooking an enchilada dinner, earlier in the day before the wind picks up. Notice how the stove is tilted (gimbaled). It rotates with the boat.

Snuggling up. Getting close to San Francisco.

Wohoo, San Francisco is dead ahead!!! We made it!!! (Sept 17, 2016)

We made it to San Francisco!

Happy crew, we made it!!! (Sept 17, 2016)

Thank you Chris Bushue. It was great to have you along.

Happy Captain!

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