Adventures of Maia | Fun times with Friends and Family!
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Fun times with Friends and Family!

We decided to take a quick road trip back “home” to Park City. We left on Sept 22 and on the way, we stopped to visit The Blackards, and meet our grand nephew, William. Then onto Utah, to support and visit friends and family. It felt great to be back in the old hood. By October 3 we were heading back “home” to MAIA, ⛵️⚓️ who was waiting for us at Grand Marina in Alameda.

On the last night of our passage to San Francisco, Dick noticed the boom was sitting on the dodger, (not a good thing). When we inspected the mast, we found that the gooseneck (the part that holds the boom onto the mast) had fractured. Yikes! Now we would find a solution, and have it fixed. We decided to have Svensons Marine, fix the crack and add a wrap around so it will be super strong. A few other projects were completed. We loved Blue Pelican Marine, where we picked up some used winches.

October 6, the Peek clan arrived in San Francisco, for the celebration of Devin and David’s wedding. We had several family members stay aboard and had a fun breakfast aboard Maia before heading south to Carmel and Big Sur. It was a fun weekend camping and attending the events. Congratulations Devin & David!  Trevor stayed after the events and we had fun exploring San Francisco together!

River Birch Ct., Park City

Beautiful Moon at Grand Marina in Alameda.

Peek family brunch on MAIA!

Peek Boys! (John, Bob, Riley, Jonas & Joel)

Good Morning! (Camping in Carmel by the Sea.) Laura, Wig & Teddy

Johnny boy, the pancake man

Congratulations to All! Devin & David’s big day.

Sunrise in Alameda

The new Boom Gooseneck!

Beautiful La Luna!

Beautiful new gooseneck, installed!

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