Adventures of Maia | San Francisco to Ventura
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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San Francisco to Ventura

We left San Francisco on the morning of October 23 and headed South! We had a good trip and along the way, it was so fun to see family, old friends and make new friends.

Our first day out, we arrived in Half Moon Bay. As there was BIG swell, we spent several days in the harbor. We enjoyed walking around the area, it’s beautiful beaches and small part of town near the harbor. We were able to check out Mavericks, where there is a famous, big surf competition.

Next onto Santa Cruz, where we met up with my good college friend DavidLee, his wife Dee and cute dog Bella. Always awesome to get together! We had a fun afternoon out sailing around the bay. We also had dinner with ex-Parkite, Katie Cattan and her daughter. We walked to the waterfront wharf, did some grocery shopping, and ran into Ben Carey who Dick had sailed from Maine to Annapolis with. Ben gave us a ride back to the boat with all our groceries. (Our small little world!)

November 3, we arrived in Monterey, where we had some great times. Friends, Bruce & Bridget, from s/v Sojourn, came down and picked us up and brought us to their home near Moss Landing. So awesome to have a night off MAIA. On Sunday, they took us on a tour of the area. We had a nice lunch out and enjoyed spending time. Friend, Ed Johnson, from San Diego was working in Monterey, so we spent some fun times with him. We did a few touristy things; we visited Fisherman’s Warf and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, they had an exhibit on Baja! A little preview of things to come!

On November 2, we went to a bar to watch the Cubs win the World Series! It was so exciting!!! (Growing up in Chicago area, I was a fan as a young girl. Once a fan always a fan!) Unfortunately, when we got back to the boat Ellie was very stressed. Her anxiety had gotten the worse of her, she had chewed on the stairs, we assume trying to escape the boat. Not sure why, but this would be one of last times she stayed on the boat alone.

We also took a couple of day sails; one with Ed & Kathi Johnson, then also with Pam and Steve, who we met thru Ed! Definitely, lots of fun was had in Monterey!

On November 7, the weather looked good, so we sailed down to San Simeon Bay, and anchored below the Hearst Castle. The following day we were able to sail wing and wing to Morrow Bay. We stayed at the Yacht Club dock, and had a wonderful visit from Seth, Karen and Cosmo. As there was big swell, we needed to stay until weather improved. We enjoyed the lovely town, and beautiful sand beaches.

By November 11, we made our way south to the Cojo Anchorage and spent a beautiful night there. The next day we made it into Santa Barbara, and visited with friends Jolie & Scott. Sister Jean and John drove down from LA, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon, a beautiful sunset, and moon rise together. The next night Dick, Ellie and I went to Sterns Wharf, to watch a gorgeous full moonrise!

We arrived in Ventura on November 15 and spent a couple nights at the Ventura Yacht Club. We were greeted by several of the members and were informed that there was a potluck that night that we must attend. Jeff was nice enough to give me a ride to the grocery store, so we could pick up some food to share. We had an enjoyable dinner with the members. Definitely on the top of our list of friendly places.

Two days later, we were hauling out at the Ventura Boatyard. Our main project was to sand and re-paint the bottom. We spent 5 days “on the hard” and had our first experience of living in a boatyard. It is kind of like camping, as you cannot use your sinks, toilet etc. They had restroom and a shower nearby, so it worked ok. We had a big set of steps to get up to the deck and cockpit. It was tough for Ellie at the start, but by the end she was a champion! While in the yard, everything gets super dirty, so glad once we launched! We spent a lovey night at the Ventura Isle Marina before continuing our journey South.

It is a Pelican party at Half Moon Bay.

Looking out towards Mavericks, famous surf spot.

Ellie standing, rocking with the movement of the boat!

Santa Cruz lighthouse

The DavidLee family (David, Dee and Bella)

Out for a sail (Dick, Laura, David, Dee and Bella)

Nice look!

Katie and daughter

Santa Cruz lighthouse

at Santa Cruz Boardwalk

Amazing to run into Ben in Santa Cruz! Thanks for the ride.

Happy to be on a big bed in a house!

Bruce & Bridget, from s/v Sojourn

MAIA at the dock in Monterey

at Monterey Bay aquarium

Cubs Win the World Series!

Enjoying the company of Ed and Kathi Johnson

Dick, Laura and Ed in Monterey Harbor

Day sailing with Pam and Steve

Beautiful Moon at Sunset in San Simeon bay

Nephew Seth with Uncle Dick

Laura, Karen and Cosmo

Coho anchorage

We love sailing wing and wing!

MAIA in Morrow Bay

Happy Ellie

Sand dunes in Morrow Bay

Beautiful sunrise in Morrow Bay.

Seals in Morrow Bay

The sun is rising as we leave Morrow Bay

Fun visit with Jolie and Scott in Santa Barbara

Sunset and Moonrise with Sister Jean and John in Santa Barbara

Moonrise in Santa Barbara

Full Moon rise at Sterns Wharf in Santa Barbara

On our way South, between Santa Barbara and Ventura

Sunset on the beach in Ventura

That way to VYC!

MAIA at the Ventura Yacht Club Dock. A really awesome club!

Rah’s homemade granola, YUM!

Haul out time for MAIA

A major sand and new paint job by Captain Dick. Happy with the job!

Back in the water, yea! Sunset at Ventura Isle Marina.

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