Adventures of Maia | Continued Preparations and Open Boat Party
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Continued Preparations and Open Boat Party

We continued preparing for our journey South to Baja and the Sea of Cortez. Not knowing when we would be returning to the US, we wanted to make sure we had everything we were going to need. Heaps of progress was made since our arrival in San Diego! Three solar panels purchased and installed. Sailrite sewing machine purchased, repair made on the Bimini, which was re-installed (and under two of the solar panels). Watermaker purchased and partially installed. (Still needs to be tested.) Weather programs investigated, purchased, apps installed. Tiller pilot purchased for Monitor wind vane. Wilderness First Aid and CPR classes taken. First Aid supplies purchased, and kit put together. Food purchased and stocked for the trip South.

We are loving the solar panels. Ever since they have been installed we have been free from shore power! We anchored for a week in Mariners Basin and had plenty of power. Yahoo! Oh yea, we had another surprise while anchored. We went out for brunch and when we arrived back to the boat, noticed MAIA was listing. By the time we climbed aboard it was obvious that we were aground. The wind had shifted, and the tide had gone out. Yikes! MAIA lied down nicely, we took naps while we were at a 20-30 degree tilt and once the tide was all the way out, Dick put on some new zincs! Always look at the bright side!!!

We decided to have an Open boat party to show off MAIA, and for family to see what our living quarters were like. It was so wonderful to share our “home”. The most exciting part was to have “Pop” Peek and Uncle Joe (both 90 somethings) aboard! We had a lovely visit and a fabulous afternoon. Another bonus was that friends Lauri & Chris Bushue were in town and we had some time to catch up.

After the weekend, an awesome surprise was to get a call from Ruth to say that brother Tommy and her mother, Carol were in town visiting. As we had just had Uncle Joe and Pop on the boat we knew we could get Carol aboard. They came down for a visit and it was so special for me to have Carol (my other Mother) aboard. I felt my mother, Joan smiling down upon us!

Before leaving for Mexico, we had some final administration work to do. Our boat insurance was updated for the trip into Mexico, and we purchased Mexican Liability Insurance. Our Temporary Import Permit, (TIP) was applied for and granted, fishing licenses purchased, evacuation insurance purchased. It is looking like when we get a good weather window, we will be on our way!

Water maker installed!

Woohoo, new solar panels installed!

Our new Sailrite sewing machine. Much needed to restitch the Bimini.

Dick and his Dad aboard MAIA

Dick and Uncle Joe

Jed, Janet and John

Brothers Jed & Casey Peek

Family time aboard MAIA

Uncle Joe, Laura & Pop Peek

John, Carol & Mick

Little man Joaquin, steering the boat

Uncle Dick, Joaquin and Papa Arturo

Three Generations! Lele, Isa, Mimi & Anna

Looking up at all the birds landing in the trees at Sunset.

Another beautiful full moon!

Awesome to have Carol & Tommy Coronelli from Chicagoland vist and come aboard MAIA. Also pictured, Jane & Greg Fox

Carol with her youngest, Tommy and oldest, Jane

Yea, Tommy Coronelli is visiting!!!

My “other mother” Carol!

So wonderful to have Carol aboard MAIA

Dick, Laura, Carol, Tom, Jane, Greg

Great to get a visit from Laurie and Chris Bushue

Great to see my sorority “little sister”, Lynn Scopinich Konen. in Pacific Beach

MAIA at Seaforth dock at Sunset


Yep, we are aground!

Cute guy!

Filling up before leaving Mission Bay

Gorgeous Sunset with beautiful La Luna!

MAIA at anchor in Quivera Basin, Mission Bay

In Mission Bay


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