Adventures of Maia | Southward along the West Coast of Baja
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Southward along the West Coast of Baja

We checked-in to Ensenada, Mexico on March 1. It was a breeze. Our Marina, Baja Naval, set us with the paperwork needed to check-in. We had applied for our TIP (Temporary Import Permit) for MAIA online and were able to print it out. We walked down to the one-stop shop, for Immigration and the Port Captain. Everything would have been even smoother if we did not give them our expired Insurance information! Great to see Pat Oleta (thanks for your help) and meet his beautiful daughter, Linda!

We left Ensenada, yesterday, at dusk, about 1800. I was feeling pretty freaked out, I told Dick I was scared sh–less! We made it out through the islands off Ensenada and had a light dinner. Dick took the first shift, while I slept. It was a beautiful clear night, with a quarter moon, that set early in the night.

I took over about 0100 and was feeling a little uneasy, however with the amazingly clear night, I could see pretty well all around us. The stars were incredible, and water calm, it turned out to be quite enjoyable. Because of the lack of wind, we were motoring. Every 15 minutes we do a 360 look about, check the radar and AIS, and make sure we are on course.

To keep myself entertained I read and wrote. The time went by quickly and I was very happy with how comfortable I became. Dick took over around dawn and I promptly went back to sleep. During Dick’s shift there was a little wind and he tried to sail a bit, but we ended up motoring the next 24 hours! Since it was so calm, I was able to prep a lovely vegetable potato curry for dinner.

During the day when I can see all around us, there is a feeling of gratitude. Realizing how fortunate I am. When I see dolphins jumping and diving, I smile! It looks like they are having lots of fun.

Our second night, my shift started around 2300. However, this night there was fog, yet, when I looked up I could see beautiful stars up in the sky. I was mostly navigating by radar. Again, I started off feeling a little frightened, but within an hour I was back into the swing of things. When the fog cleared it was glorious. I could see all around us! At 0600 the wind picked up and we were able to sail to Isla San Benito. It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining and the wind blowing 5-10 knots. A perfect way to end our first double overnight passage together.

Patrick Oleta with daughter, Linda

Arriving in Ensenada.

We have arrived at Baja Naval in Ensenada.

Checking into Mexico at the Port Captain’s office.

Moon photo!

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