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Bahia Magdelena & Whale Watching

We are in Bahia de Magdelena (Mag Bay), anchored off of the small village. It is absolutely lovely! Our favorite place so far! There is a rocky beach that extends both ways out from the village. It has lots of shells, the water is very clear. South on the beach, is a tourist camp, “See the Whales”, that has tents and a big central area. Ellie and I walked down past the camp yesterday, a very tranquil place.

We had a beautiful moon rise. We were looking out across the bay and begin to see an orange sphere rising above the horizon. It continues rising and is an amazing orange color. It lit up the sky as it got bigger, and continued to stay orange for some time. It was nice to sit out and enjoy the night sky.

This morning our boat neighbors, Chris and Liz from s/v Espiritu came by and asked us if we wanted to go Whale Watching! They were with Crispin a guide and were looking for someone else to join them. We had fun and got close to 10 or so Gray Whales. It is mating and birthing season. We saw mostly grown whales, one pod may have been 1 female with 3 or 4 males around her. Crispin would whistle to try to get them to come near us. If they wanted to play, they would let you nearby, it not, they would dive down and stay away. We got some good video and pictures. Definitely a highlight!

Our last night we rowed into shore and explored. We found a little tienda and purchased a few things, before we had a bite to eat at the “restaurant”. The restaurants in many of these small towns are just little gathering places where the proprietors cook you a fresh meal. Very suitable!

Whale watching in Bahia Magdelena with our guide Crispin and Chris & Liz from s/v Espiritu. Thanks for inviting us along and all the great tips on the Sea of Cortez!

Out searching for whales. Riding in a Panga.

Whale coming close to “play”. That is their tail.

Beautiful whale tail.

2 whales

Ellie, not to sure about Panga ride.

MAIA at anchor in Mag Bay (Bahia de Magdelena).




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