Adventures of Maia | Arrival in Cabo!
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Arrival in Cabo!

We are in San Jose del Cabo! Baja – Our last overnight trip out on the Great Pacific went well. We had some good wind during the day, but we motored overnight. It was very exciting to arrive in Cabo San Lucas.

On the trip down the West Coast of Baja, we had good weather with enough wind to sail quite a bit. The trip took us about 17 days and we made new friends along the way. The weather has turned, and it is officially hot! Water is still a little cold, looking forward to getting up into the Sea of Cortez. Fun to see old friends from San Diego and Park City here in Cabo!

Now to backtrack… It was very exciting on March 19, when we sailed past Cabo Falso and saw the golf courses and the big hotels of Cabo san Lucas. The two (three, Ellie) of us had made it down the West Coast of Baja!!! As we were about to turn South East around the Cape, we saw Mighty Merlot (the tri-maran that brother Trey is friends with. Our small little world, continued to be small!)

When we arrived in Cabo San Lucas, we anchored off the beach. Once we were anchored, Dick texted friend Peter Johnson, and he texted back that “they” had just arrived in Zacatito’s and were on their way to Costco and would be at the boat in an hour. An hour or so later, brothers Johnson arrived, (Pete and Ed) on their paddle boards! We hung for a minute on the boat, and then rushed off to Costco, taking a Panga into the beach. It was all so surreal, but awesome being able to re-stock the boat! Once we got back to the boat, I crashed. It had been quite the journey down the coast.

We made it down the coast of Baja to Cabo San Lucas!

The Johnson Brothers, Pete & Ed arrive on their paddle boards in Cabo!

The beach and hotels of Cabo behind us!

Cooling off, it is HOT down here!

Ellie guarding our Costco goods.

The shoreline of Cabo San Lucas.

Happy Girls!

MAIA at anchor in Cabo

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