Adventures of Maia | Los Cabos; Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo
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Los Cabos; Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo

We had a fun time in San Jose del Cabo with old and new friends! Our first morning at the dock, Gina and Jack Harmon, friends from Park City came for a visit and we had a great time hearing about their previous sailing excursions! They gave us some great tips and took us into town for lunch.

Really enjoyable to spend time with Ed & Peter Johnson and family. It was nice to walk and swim and enjoy several of the many beaches. We went snorkeling in Zacatitos and saw a school of Devil Rays swimming below us. They are amazing. Before we went in we heard them “flap” and then saw them “fly out” of the water and land (belly flop style) on the water. It was really cool. Oh Yea, then there are the local donkeys who hang around. We learned it is not a good idea to get to friendly with them. They ate a college students school book! What a great story to tell the library, oh ya, a donkey ate my book!

We explored around the Harbor in San Jose, found some lovely beaches and a vegetable garden! Next to El Gonzo hotel they have an Art and Garden program for the local kids. Really neat what they are doing with the locals. So awesome to be able to pick fresh greens, beets, and other goodies!!! Feels great to donate to a good cause.

It was so exciting when Salt & Light arrived, great to catch up and spend an evening together on MAIA.

Fuel dock in San Jose del Cabo.

So fun to get a visit from Jack Harmon and Gina. Thanks for making the trip down and taking us into town for lunch.

Ahh, dinner at Pete’s place in Zacatitos! With Ed, Peter and Carol.

Beautiful sunset in Zacatitos.

Picking greens at the Art Center and garden next to Gonzo hotel. It is a really cool program for the local kids. You can pick from the garden and leave a donation! with Kristin Gilbert, from s/v Salt & Light.

So excited. Fresh greens from community garden in San Jose del Cabo!!!

Local donkey in Zacatitos.

Another lovely beach walk in Zacatitos.

Leaving San Jose del Cabo, Gonzo hotel in background.

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