Adventures of Maia | Los Frailes, Muertos & Caleta Lobos
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Los Frailes, Muertos & Caleta Lobos

We are on our way to La Paz, it is very summer like. Starting to feel like a dessert rat, always searching for shade! We had a beautiful sail today, right up the Cerralvo channel. (We have not noticed much current, maybe .5 knots?) We sailed out of Muertos anchorage, this morning – our first time ever! The anchorage was busy last night, maybe 10 boats. Most of the day, today, we have been sailing wing & wing. The wind picked up in the afternoon, and we were sailing about 6 knots, really fun! We spotted Eagle Ray’s jumping and flopping in Cerralvo Channel! So cool to watch.

We spent 3 nights at Bahia Los Frailes. It has a beautiful long beach, part of it is protected for Turtle’s hatching. We did not see any turtles, but definitely enjoyed the lovely beach. We met Wendy and Mike Young from s/v Bodhisattva and so fun to see Salt & Light again!

We are anchoring at Caleta Lobos tonight and then decide if we head to LaPaz tomorrow or Sunday.

Sailing North to the Sea of Cortez.

Beautiful sunset with La Luna!


Taking a dip at Los Frailes.

Enjoying life in the Sea of Cortez.

Nice view in Caleta Lobos.


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