Adventures of Maia | We made it to La Paz
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We made it to La Paz

We have spent a great week in LaPaz! We walked around town finding places to eat, shop, play and re-stock the boat. Found a great farmers market with fresh garden veggies and local foods. There is a long and spacious Malecon (walkway next to the water), where we strolled and had nice walks with Ellie. We joined the local cruiser sailing club, Club Cruceros. There is a great radio net at 8:00 am on channel 22. This is where you can get your questions answered, (great local knowledge). Also, you might be able to buy and sell items “for coconuts”. We will be heading up into the Sea of Cortez in the next day or so and are really looking forward to exploring and experiencing the area we have heard so much about.

Shopping in La Paz

Enjoying sunset on the beach in La Paz. Ellie is happy on land!

Coffee and Tea at Cafe Doce Cuarenta in La Paz.

On the Malecon in La Paz.

Loved Tienda del Jardin, that had nuts, seeds, grains and landscaping supplies.

Found this karate studio in La Paz. Dick studied this form in Santa
Barbara under Master Jeong Sook Lee!

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