Adventures of Maia | Puerto Escondido, Juncalito & Loreto
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Puerto Escondido, Juncalito & Loreto

We had another wonderful week hanging around Puerto Escondido, Juncalito and Loreto. Leslie and Steve Swisher (from Park City) were amazing hosts and tour guides. They treated us to time off the water in their beach side La Casita in Juncalito. It was a really fun way to spend Dick’s birthday week! (Lots of tequila.) We moored the boat mostly in Puerto Escondido but sailed over with Leslie and anchored in the bay across from their house, in Bahia Chenque. We learned a good lesson…. do not pull the dingy up out of the water onto the shore without letting some air out. We blew a nice 3-inch hole in the top tube. We were able to patch it and is working like a charm.

Fun times with Leslie and Steve Swisher in Juncalito!

Dick’s new toy. Happy Birthday!!! (thanks Andrew and Michelle)

Enjoying the water in Juncalito!

Fun night out with the Swishers!

Helping install new solar panels at the Swisher’s landlords.

Dick and Swisher up on the Palapa roof. Yikes!

Fully enjoying the Swisher’s hospitality. We had a wonderful time hanging out!

Lovely fresh seafood dinner with Steve and Leslie Swisher.

Leslie helped us sail the boat from Puerto Escondido to Juncalito.

Not a selfie!

When your inflatable boat is filled with air in the water, do not pull directly up on shore until you let some of the air out!! Whoops!

Ellie’s first kayak ride. She is so adaptable.

Preparing to patch the dingy!

Family paddle while the dingy is down.

Selfie in El Juncalito! with Leslie and Steve Swisher

Hanging out the the Swisher’s palapa.

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