Adventures of Maia | From San Jose del Cabo, North to Ensenada & San Diego
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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From San Jose del Cabo, North to Ensenada & San Diego

We had another wonderful time in San Jose. Spoiled again by Pete Johnson, fun to spend time with him, brother Ed & John Edwards. We also prepared MAIA for the trip North, back to the USA!

We had an eight-day trip up the Coast, we moto-sailed the whole way. Our first morning after leaving Cabo was a little bumpy near Cabo Falso, (which was to be expected, but not always happy about). We stopped in 2 anchorages on the way, Bahia Santa Maria and Bahia de Tortuga. We had lots of afternoon wind which also means the waves picked up!!! On one of the toughest afternoons, we throttled down and tucked behind the point and into Bahia Asunción until things calmed down.

It felt great to dock at Baja Naval and get off the boat! On Sunday we were treated to lunch at Patrick’s ranch in San Antonio de las Mina’s with Adriana and Linda. Monday, we did our paperwork for leaving the Country. On Tuesday we arrived BACK in the USA!

Recognize the rocks? We are leaving San Jose del Cabo, heading North to San Diego!

Yep, there is the Cabo arch. We are leaving the East coast of Baja.

Wow! This makes the journey really special.

Back in Ensenada. We made the journey Northward. The “Bash” was not so bad. We motor-sailed up the coast and were able to tuck behind a few points of land when the wind started blowing hard in the afternoons.

Pat’s grape’s.

See the yellow ladybug!

Group selfie with Patrick, Adrianna & Linda at their beautiful ranch up in the hills from Ensenada!

Fun to see light and fountain show in Ensenada. MAIA is docked nearby.

Sailing back to San Diego!

San Diego ahead!!!

US Border patrol came to visit us as we crossed into the US. It appears they pay attention to who is coming and going!


Checking back in with US Customs and Border patrol. They were super nice and polite. Wanted to make sure we were not bringing in any vegetables and fresh meat.

We’re back after a 3 month tour of Baja!

Fullish moon in Mission Bay!


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