Adventures of Maia | Summer went by quickly!
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Summer went by quickly!

Summertime for us was reconnecting with friends and family! We enjoyed Peek family time in San Diego and had a fun visit from brother Trey and Jan from Chicago. Really great to have Trey out sailing with us to help us tune up a few things on MAIA.

We took a month road trip, spending a week with the Peek’s at “Lairamor” in Lake Almanor, (Northern Cal). Next stop Park City, Utah for a week to see family and friends. Then we headed back West stopping in Wala Wala, Yakima, Bellingham, Seattle, Sammamish, (Washington); Portland and Bandon, (Oregon); Capay and Atascadero (California), then back to San Diego. We had a great time on the trip, a highlight was seeing the Solar Eclipse (with Dee and David Lee)!

Once we arrived back in San Diego we spent time on boat projects. (I also spent time with grandnephew Oliver. We have an awesome trade going, they lend us a car and I help tend 1 year old Oliver. It is a win, win for all of us!). In September we took a trip back to Chi-Town, and I went up to Michigan to my old stomping grounds, Camp Echo. We had a really fun trip seeing old friends, attending a Cubs game, going sailing…..

Enjoy the picture show.

Leah’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, sister Leah!

Down at La Jolla Cove with sister’s Mary Maude and Wig!

Beautiful walk in La Jolla, with the Cove and the Shores in the background.

Wow, beautiful sunset in La Jolla.

From Mom & Pop Peek’s rose bush.

A baby seagull!

Breakfast with cousins! Dave, Nancy, Jocko and Sue. Also, brother John, sister’s Maude and Wig.

Family time with Maude, John, Uncle Joe & Dick.

Cousins Wig & Carol

Brother and Sister!

Beautiful ladies! Leah and daughters, Anna & Angela hanging poolside!

Anna & Joaquin, soooo cute!

Selfie after a beautiful afternoon sail with brother Trey and brother-in-law John.

Out sailing with brother Trey!

Awesome breakfast aboard MAIA with Laurie, Tom, Devin, David, Kylie and Joey.

Cute couple, David and Devin Peek.

Another favorite photo. Lori Adamski-Peek, Ellie and I had a wonderful evening walk!

Wow, look no selfie! Thanks brother Trey for taking our picture.

Sister-in-law Jan Ritter playing skipper.

Selfie photo while we were out for a day sail with Jan & Trey Ritter

Fourth of July celebration with Oliver & Isa.

Beautiful La Luna

Visiting my old work place, A16. Lots of great memories!

Relaxing on Deck.

MAIA in San Diego Bay

The Road trip begins! Very HAPPY Dog!!! Yea, I get to go for a car ride.

Fun night on board with Rick and Mary.

Quick visit with Hazel, Oliver and nephew Ryan Dale (& Lissa)!

Selfie wit Oliver and Lissa Dale! Oliver is like whaaaat?

Such a happy boy, my grand-nephew Oliver (Dale).

ROAD trip!!!

Peek family gathering at Maude & John Blackard’s in Lake Almanor, California

Lazer sailing on Lake Almanor. This was the CALM day. Swimming to cool off.

In South Lake Tahoe, with Jerry and Jane McNaboe from s/v Aeolian. Fun to have a night to catch up and see their beautiful home.

Beautiful La Luna!

Hiking on the McCloud Creek Trail with friends, Susan & Julie!

Dinner on Sue’s deck with Viola & Martha.

Fun evening at Sundance with Angela, Dan & Samantha.

On our way back West! We stayed in Walla Walla, Washington with Jolie & Scott. The perfect 1 day drive from Park City.

Quick visit with Lisa on our way through Yakima!!

Fun night in Bellingham, Wa with Bob & Claudia. Yea, we are back on the Coast!

Our sweet little Ellie girl, still enjoying the ride!

Fun dinner in Shilshole Marina with Suzette and Paul on s/v Altair.

Hanging out with friends Elise & Tom in Seattle.

Another fun hike with Elise Trester and Tom Blackwood.

Check out the waterfall behind us! With Elise Trester.

What an amazing experience watching the Solar Eclipse in Portland! (with Dee and David Lee)

Eclipse photo through binoculars. Photo credit, Dick Peek.

The light kept changing. It looks really bright right now.

Enjoying the Solar Eclipse.

Next stop at Kevin and Gina Stenberg from s/v Raven. So great to connect in Portland.

Picnic on the beach in Bandon, Oregon with my Aunt Claris and Uncle Charlie Clapp.

The coast is beautiful in Bandon. with Aunt Clari

Circles in the Sand, mostly gone with the tide.

Visiting Maude and John in Capay, Ca. Look at what they grew!

Our last night of the road trip, with Seth and Karen Peek.

Woohoo! Back home aboard MAIA. Ellie even looks happy about it!

Labor Day party in Mission Bay, with Peter Johnson, Carol and friends!

Another beautiful moon and Mission Bay! Out for a dingy ride.

Full moon rise (along the San Diego skyline)

We are at the A9 anchorage in San Diego. The other bright light is an airplane coming in for a landing. It is a great anchorage, just a little loud with the runway right there.

This was really beautiful, as it got darker the lights of the City came on.

The black dog, laying in the sun on deck!

We headed out for a day sail! (Brother’s John, Dick and Ned)

Ned and Leah, enjoying the afternoon sail!

Another fun day sail with Cousins Jocko & Sue Feehan!

an Ellie close-up, what do you think?

Dick getting ready to head up the mast! (thanks Jimmy for the vest)

There he is!!!

Our last trip of the summer was to Chicago. We even got to go to a Cubs Game with the Sullivan and Ritter families! (with Ruth, Jane, Mollie, Jan, Trey, Brian, Ray & Kyle)

View of Chicago from the sky.

Friends since 7th grade! Ruth and Laura!!!

Driving around Fox Lake with Tommy Coronelli.

Party at Ruth and Ray’s in Glenview.

Fun to go out for a sail in Chicago!

Chicago’s famous Navy Pier!

I want to Wake up in the Morning at Dear old Camp Echo!!! (with Stephanie Meyer)

Sitting on the Dinning Hall steps with Mollie and Ruth Sullivan.

Camp Echo work weekend with Mollie, Ruth, Katie, Molly, Laura & Stephanie

Ritter Girls! (with niece Evelyn)

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