Adventures of Maia | Ventura, Channel Islands Harbor (Oxnard)
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Ventura, Channel Islands Harbor (Oxnard)

The Haul-out went well at Ventura Harbor Boatyard, we spent 5 days out of the water. We installed a new through-hull, sea strainer on the engine intake and the new depth and speed gauge. Dick also did a quick sand and re-painted the bottom.

Living in the boat “on the hard” is not our favorite thing, but we are glad we can do it. When your boat is your home, it is nice that we can stay on it. Ellie was freaked out about the steep stairs, but then adapted by the end. It is nice that bathrooms are close by.

We spent a night on each side of the haul-out at Ventura Isle Marina. It is one of my favorite marinas. It is in a great area, the Ocean is across the street, they have a laundry room, the staff is awesome, bathrooms are nice and there are lots of stores and restaurants nearby. It was such a pleasant surprise to see Justine and John, from s/v Rhythm who we met up in British Columbia summer of 2016!

On the 17th we sailed south to Channel Islands Harbor to spend a day or two. We had winds up to 20 knots. Our plan was to head to Catalina Island for the weekend. We left on the 19th and then turned around because a Santa Ana was predicted. The next day we had winds with 40 knot gusts! The boat was tied up on both sides to the dock and we were still rocking and rolling!

MAIA is out of the water at the Ventura boatyard. We have a few projects to do.

Installing the new depth and speed gauge.

Dick repainting the bottom.

MAIA back in the water! Another successful haulout!

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