Adventures of Maia | San Diego – preparing for Mexico and beyond!
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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San Diego – preparing for Mexico and beyond!

On November 6 we moved back to the dock at Seaforth Marina. We were heading to Denver / Boulder for an early Thanksgiving with Sister Claris, niece Mellie & Mike. Trevor and Macie drove over from Salt Lake. We had a great weekend also celebrating Danny Coronelli’s 60th birthday!

For the next 6 weeks we prepared for our departure from the US, heading to Mexico and beyond. As we are not sure when we will be back, we spent time on boat projects, stocking the boat and trying to make sure we are all set for the journey South. (We had some fun too.. celebrating my birthday, enjoying the holidays & we even had a Bon Voyage Party!)

We met Thomas and Isa on s/v Jade Akka on our way out of Mission Bay and met up with them again in the A9 anchorage. Meeting new people is a fun part of this journey!

One of the hardest things we had to do was say goodbye to our Ellie girl who is retiring in sunny San Diego. At 13 she got an offer from cousins, Jocko and Sue to come stay with them in their super dog friendly household. When we drove away she hung on the front steps, happy to be staying on land. We miss her terribly, but know it is the best thing for all.

Our new dingy, chaps & all! Thank you Craigslist.

Enjoying Dog beach in Ocean Beach

Hike in Boulder, with Danny Coronelli, sister Claris, Macie & Trevor.

Claris, Macie & Trevor

Woohoo! New LED light. One more project completed.

Sunset in Mission Bay

Our liferaft

My new uke.

So fun to have Viola, Gloria & Martha visit!

Our first bike ride on our new Dahon bikes!

Good girlie, Ellie

Christmas tree decorating selfie

Oliver P admiring the motorcycle.

Grandnephew Oli on is 1st birthday and my XX birthday!

Oliver and his birthday twin, great Aunt Laura

Hazel, grandma Jean & me

Oliver & Laura’s birthday!

Family photo

Ellie peering over the edge.
Where did you guys go?

Dick heading up the mast to attach the new radio antenna

Dinner with Jane and Greg Fox

Dinner with Jane & Greg Fox. Fun time!

Ellie girlie, you are missed!

Ellie jumped quickly out the of the dingy for her last time.

Ellie saying goodbye to MAIA. She looks happy!

Ellie and her new family. Cousin Rudy, with Ma & Pa. (Sue & Jocko)

Ellie with her new P’s; Jocko and Sue

Ellie at her new home!

Oliver, Ryan, Erin, Nikko and baby Fin.

Selfie at our Bon Voyage party!

Laura with Arturo and Joaquin. Say cheese!

Casey and Rosa

Bren, Jed, Jamie, Angela, Anna and Esa

Oliver and Grandpa

Anna, Leah, Ned, Erin & Ryan

Isa and Lele with Tia Angela

Beautiful nieces, Anna and Erin

Looks like they are all having fun!

Uncle Dick and Joaquin. Yes, the Peek curls.

The Aray children

Sunrise in San Diego, view from our bedroom window

Little man, Oliver!

The city lights of San Diego

La Luna in San Diego bay

Anna sporting her new jacket. Thanks Uncle Dick!

Onesies for Oliver’s baby brother!

Cousins, Joaquin and Oliver

Isa & Lele with Santa

What a cutie!

Fun ride to Shelter Island

The Seth Peek family, with Karen and Cosmos

Christmas morning with the John Peek family

Oliver opening presents with Mom, Erin.
Oliver and Mama

The Aray fam

Uncle Dick!

Sunset at San Elijo, with Peek family behind us

Isa, Lele & Jimmy

Niece Anna, nephew Ryan & Grand-nephew Oliver

Sister Leah & me

Sisters Wig & Maude

Brothers Peek- Bob, Dick & Ned

Oliver and Lala

Check out the smile on Oliver

Oliver, Papa & Grandpa

Mama & Gordo

Lele enjoying the fire

Awesome campfire at San Elijo state beach

Isa with her eye mask

Isa and Mimi

Laura and niece, Teddy

Laura and sister, Wig

Dick and nephew JT

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