Adventures of Maia | Heading South – Ensenda, Mexico
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Heading South – Ensenda, Mexico

It’s been 4 days since we left the USA behind! We left San Diego harbor early morning on December 31 heading to Ensenada! It was bittersweet, excited to be heading South, but sad to be leaving family, friends and the US behind. Our current plan is to continue further South this Spring after spending some time in Baja & Mainland Mexico.

We motored to Ensenada as the winds and sea were nominal. It was nice to have an uneventful trip with little swell and arriving 8-1/2 hours after leaving SD. As it was a holiday, we waited to check into Mexico until Tuesday. Our New Year’s Eve was quiet, and I did my best to stay awake and welcome in the New Year, (East Coast time). I was sleeping sound soon thereafter.

Dick contacted friend, Patrick Oleda, who lives in the “wine county” above Ensenada to let him know we were once again in town. Around noon on New Year’s Day he picked us up and brought us up to his humble ranch for the afternoon. We got to check out his new abode and spend some time with his lovely wife, Adriana and daughter Linda (who’s birthday was the next day!) Adriana was busy making carrot cake and cupcakes for mañana’s fiesta. We were treated to a lovely meal of fresh bonito, Patrick had caught earlier in the day with guacamole and other accompaniments. We were home early, for a quiet evening aboard.

January 2 we checked into Mexico. Our marina, Baja Naval prepared the paperwork for checking in and checking out of Ensenada. We strolled down the familiar walkway, shops and streets to de Puerta Capitian and the Aduano (customs office). We began at Immigration and were given a form to fill out and sign, then we paid our fee and were given back our passports with our zarpas and pointed in the direction of the port captain, the next counter over. Paperwork is handed over the counter and we wait for it to be returned.

While waiting we met Leilani and Mike from s/v Aloha who are checking in also (with a guide from their marina, Cruiseport.) They are finished first and we say our goodbyes. Soon our paperwork is handed back over the counter and we are told we are done. As we went through this process last year, we feel that we are missing a step. We decide to buy our fishing licenses on our way back to the marina office. We also stop at the local Starbucks to see how it is in Mexico. We had been told it was different, but it seemed the same to us. Lots of people in the store on the internet, and they had my Emperors Cloud tea!

Upon checking back in at Marina Naval office, we are told that yes, we will need to go back in the afternoon and pick up our departure papers from the Port Captains office. So glad we had just been here six months prior. We also met up with Isa & Thomas from s/v Jade Akka, we had a nice dinner in town and also got a tour of their amazing ship!

Heading out on our journey South! Mexico here we come

A calm morning in San Diego harbor

Leaving San Diego harbor

Leaving San Diego, Point Loma in the distance!

Goofing around

Arriving in Mexico, putting up the Courtesy flag.

Arriving in Ensenada

Wohoo, we are in Ensenada, Mexico! (December 31, 2017. at 1825)

Patrick’s new house in the wine country above Ensenada!!

Working on the Blog! Cool image by Dick Peek

with Tom and Isa from s/v Jade Akka

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