Adventures of Maia | Ensenada to Turtle Bay
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Ensenada to Turtle Bay

It feels good to finally be out on the great Pacific sailing south (as we had been “threatening” to leave San Diego since the beginning of December). It also feels sad (we do not know when we will be returning). Currently, we are South of Ensenada on our way to Isla San Benito and/or Bahia Tortuga. We left Ensenada, Baja Naval around noon yesterday and motored up to Marina Coral for fuel. Once we headed out we got hit with wind and waves! Awesome for Sailing, not so awesome for a weak stomach. However, I was only feeling a little queasy. I took some homeopathic Sea Sickness medicine and put on my acu-pressure wrist bands. Because fuel is such a rip-off in Turtle Bay, we were hoping to sail and that is what we are doing!

I am on my second night shift and I’m struggling a bit being out here. I was feeling so yukky yesterday, all I could do last night was listen to Podcasts. (Which was ok as they were all Oprah and were inspirational.) My mixed-up feelings are back; why am I doing this? I am not enjoying myself now, but aren’t I supposed to be? Aren’t we living the dream?! For the last 30 some hours we have been rocking and rolling. I’m still not feeling 100% because of the Sea state. Will I be able to spend 3 weeks going down to the South Pacific?

Oh yea-we do not have Ellie with us anymore. I know it is best, but I really do miss my little girlie!

We have been having amazing N/NE winds, so we have mostly been sailing Wing & Wing. The weather has been cloudy last night and most of today. With the cloudy weather, we plugged in the new generator and put some charge into the batteries. Glad to see it works!!! When I started my shift, I could see beautiful stars up above, but closer to the sea, there were clouds all around and now the clouds have spread higher, so I can’t see much of anything. I think this journal writing is working! I am feeling better already!!!

I am excited about the thought of traveling around the world, it is just the overnight thing is super hard for me. Leaving and always being on the move is also hard, but it is an amazing journey we are on!

When we left Ensenada, we noticed another boat behind us. We received a call on the radio and it was Aloha, Mike and Leilani! We have talked on the radio a few more times and last night I could see them tacking back and forth and I could see their lights as they passed in front of us. Now I can see them on the AIS, they are closer to the Coast about 26 miles away.

Woohoo, 18 knots of wind! We are sailing!!!

Dick making us go faster!

It looks cold and stormy. It was mostly windy, it doesn’t rain much down here in Mexico.

Sailing wing & wing!

Ellie at her new home with her bud Sawyer!

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