Adventures of Maia | Turtle Bay, Asuncion, Punta Abrejos & Bahia Santa Maria
An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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Turtle Bay, Asuncion, Punta Abrejos & Bahia Santa Maria

It’s 9:30 and I’m on another night shift. I am feeling ok, I took over an hour and a half ago. A boat went by the Starboard side 45 minutes ago. I had to be on my toes, I never saw it on the radar or the AIS. It is gone now, and it was good to give me a perspective on everything.

It is a beautiful clear night, lots of stars. It is a new moon, so not seeing La Luna at all tonight. The winds are calm, so we are motoring, we are on our way to Cabo. Our speed is 7-8 knots with the help of the reliable Pacific swell. We expect to reach Cabo tomorrow afternoon. The weather is so much warmer! Yea!

We arrived in Turtle Bay on Sunday afternoon and anchored behind Aloha, in the main anchorage near the village. We never got off the boat but connected with Mike and Leilani over the radio. They were surprised we arrived so soon, (I think we motor faster than others!). It was a calm night and we slept well. The wind started to blow in the morning, so we moved over to the South side of the bay. It was much calmer there and it was nice anchoring. We were in between some fish traps, but other than that it worked out well.

After our third night we decided to take off around noon. The wind was supposed to pick up during the day (as a storm was blowing in. What were we thinking?) We had a lovely afternoon sail. I was thoroughly enjoying it, as I could see the storm approaching from the North. Dick came up and immediately reefed the main, but left the genoa up and then tried to gybe it. That did not go so well, it got back winded and the boat was heeling over! We eventually got the genoa, rolled up. The rain lasted 30 minutes and then the wind waves were picking up and we were rocking and rolling. Not fun!

Our original plan was to sail overnight down to Bahia Santa Maria, but as the evening wore on Dick decided to go and anchor in Bahia Asuncion. That sounded great as I had wanted to stop here (the other times we had gone by). However, it was a dark and scary night with the wind and the waves, going around Punta San Rouque. It was hard to see, so Dick was steering with the chart plotter and radar. He did a great job and got us in safely. When we arrived, we were greeted by a pod of feeding fluorescent small seals. It was really cool!!!

We decided to stay in Bahia Asuncion for another night, it was a fairly calm day in the anchorage, but we could see the wind and the swell out on the ocean. Aloha arrived in the afternoon and had a really tough day. We both decided to leave the next day and head to Abreojos. Well, we had a crazy afternoon, as the wind and waves picked up as we approached Punta Abreojos. We ended up having a windy and rolly night. We left early the next morning for another overnight sail. We were thrilled when the anchor was down the following afternoon in Bahia Santa Maria.

We really enjoyed Bahia Santa Maria, we spend 3 nights there. We finally got together with Leilani and Mike in person! We had dinner on Aloha, Coffee on Maia & Leilani and I had a wonderful afternoon one day, when we swam into the beach and talked & talked & talked. (So good for the soul!) Dick and I had to make a tough decision, whether to motorsail down to Cabo, or stay another night and sail in 25-30 knot winds with increased swell and wind waves. We decided to motor and had a good overnight trip.

A beautiful calm morning in Bahia de Tortuga. Then the wind started to blow.

Dicks new toy!

Gorgeous sunset in Turtle Bay.

Living the Dream!

Nice evening on Aloha. Greet to finally meet, Leilani and Mike in person.


Another beautiful sunset on the Great North Pacific.

Fun sailing!

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