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We had a great overnight sail across the Bay of California to Mazatlán. We had some good wind and were able to sail for quite a bit of the journey. The wind picked up right when we went out at 0800. During the night you could see the phosphorescence in the water. As the phosphorescence flowed away from the boat, it looked like twinkling stars. Sometimes I wonder if it is just the stars reflecting in the water!

We had a fun and hot time in Mazatlán. It was such a wonderful surprise to see our friends, s/v Salt & Light, (Kristin, John, Toby & Karis). We first met them last year as we were heading down the Baja coast in Turtle Bay. Such a cool family who spent most of this past year in Mazatlán. It was great to reconnect.

The people in the Marina were super friendly and we went to the Marina’s beach club to watch the elusive Lunar Eclipse. The moon was shinning bright, until right before the Eclipse was starting and then it disappeared into the clouds, never to appear during the eclipse. We also had a memorable day when we went to see the tide pools in Punta Cerritos and then had an amazing walk back down the beautiful beach and ended up at the Infinity Pool at the Marina Mazatlán Beach club. It finally felt like we were on vacation!

We spent two nights at anchor in Stone Harbor. Amazing to run into Shala, another Sceptre arrive with Harry and Evgeniya.

Heading into Mazatlan!

Infinity pool, ahhhhhhh

We encountered some traffic leaving Mazatlan, see dredge behind on left.

Sunset on the great Pacific Ocean.

Getting a little surfing in!

We were very surprised to see Shala, another Sceptre arrive at Stone Island anchorage. Fun to meet Harry and Evgeniya.


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