Adventures of Maia | Day 1 of our Pacific crossing from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Hiva Oa, Marquesas!
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Day 1 of our Pacific crossing from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Hiva Oa, Marquesas!

Hannah and I stowed for Sea, while Dick checked us out of the Marina. Returning our gate keys we received 1000 pesos back, (about $50 u.s.), so Dick went to the Marine store, bought a few things then went by Starbucks and brought us back treats! We left Marina Vallarta by 1040.

We motored across Banderas Bay to anchor for a couple hours while Dick cleaned the bottom and Hannah and I did our last few things with Internet. While crossing the bay I was focused on putting out a Facebook post. Once we anchored in Punta Mita (at 1345) the wind really started to blow! Of course internet was slow, using our cell connection, so our final time was frustrating and slowly productive.

At 1635 the engine was back on and we were on our way to the South Pacific! We turned into the wind to raise the main, headed out a bit, then unfurled the Genoa. We have been sailing ever since!

Winds were in the 15-20 knot range with 4-6 ft swell and wind waves. The sea had us rocking and rolling around, which was not the best for Hannah and my stomachs! I actually was feeling pretty good, then went down below to grab something, quickly came back up and blew chow over the rail. It happened another time, when I quickly went down below. Finally at 1230, I was off my night shift and quickly climbed onto the settee to sleep. Hannah’s been feeling pretty lousy since about 1800 yesterday. I’m feeling better, but still mostly hanging up in the cockpit or sleeping down below. Luckily, Dick has a stomach of steel!

We have beautiful weather, just needed a light jacket last night! Today tank top and shorts with the life jacket layer on top. For the first 17 hours, we were sailing around 7 knots, if we keep up this speed we would be in the Marquesas in 17 days! Currently, (at 2230) winds and seas have mellowed, wind is blowing 11-13 knots, our speed is around 6 knots, with a much nicer sea state!

We are expecting a 21 – 30 day journey. We hope to be in the Trade winds for most of the journey, but will also go thru the ITCZ, the doldrums and cross the Equador! Most people experience squalls when going thru the ITCZ. What does MoNa have in store for us? We will watch the weather and keep track of where the squalls are and plan to head over the top of them. It looks like we have quite an exciting journey in front of us!

How far did we go? March 29 – 140 miles

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