Adventures of Maia | Day 2 of our South Pacific Crossing
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Day 2 of our South Pacific Crossing

It is a beautiful night, with an almost full La Luna lighting our way. We have about a 90% cloud cover, but she has everything lit up nicely! With her light, I feel safer and it makes for a much easier night passage.

Our wind calmed a bit today, but we sailed again all day. Speed averaging around 4 knots. The seas have calmed tremendously! Swell is around 2-4 feet from the North. Winds have varied a bit, currently 10 knots from the North. We have been heading in a westerly direction and will be passing Isla San Benidido in an hour or so and then will head more Southerly.

There has been quite a few big boats (10-15) we have been seeing on the AIS today. Boats going to Mexico, South America, Panama! We have only been able to see a few in person, the rest are just symbols on our chart plotter.

With the calmer day, Dick pulled out the generator and was able to top up the water tanks with the water maker. We all took showers this evening! Dick also added the new anti-slip to the stairs. It feels much better and looks better too! Hannah and I played some rounds of Gin (card game), FUN!

Everyone is feeling better today, especially Hannah. She ended taking a couple of anti-nausea pills and felt better fast. Oh, the miracle of drugs. (Definitely recommend Ondansetron, orally disintegrating tablets.) I am feeling a little off, I think mostly because of lack of sleep. I finally got the blog updated the night before we left, staying up until 3:30. I have always been a great procrastinator!

I cooked our first real dinner of the trip, sautéed mushrooms, onions, zuchini & kale and we made white basmati rice. It was super tasty. We have lots of fresh veggies to use up before they expire!

How far did we go? March 30 – 130 miles

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