Adventures of Maia | Day 3, Getting into the groove. Where did the day go?
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Day 3, Getting into the groove. Where did the day go?

It was a gorgeous day, temperature in the 80’s. We put up a shade cloth in the cockpit in the morning and it stayed comfortable. We spend most of our time in the cockpit, when not cooking, sleeping or on the SSB radio. The cabin gets hot, we only allow a hatch or two to be open, so not much breeze comes through.

The wind mellowed even more today. Currently it is only blowing 5 knots from the North and our speed is in the 1 knot range. It feels ok to be going this slow, knowing that we have a limited amount of fuel for the trip. The sea has really mellowed, (2-4 ft with a long break between them) so it is super comfortable. Dick got the monitor windvane going, and it is working fairly well. Occasionally, we need to tweek it a little, but it is really helping with using less power & it is quiet!!!

We had a couple more yummy meals today. We had brunch around noon, with potatoes, onions, mushrooms and eggs. For dinner, quesadillas with blue corn tortillas, artichokes, beets, leftover rice and potatoes.

Our night shifts seem to be working, I start the evening at 2100 and go till 0030 when Hanna takes over until 0400. Dick generally does a little longer shift until I wander up around 0830. Then he goes back to sleep for a bit. Then I take over until they wake up again. It has been nice having quiet mornings.

Today, the boom was banging around with the light winds and one of the new gooseneck screws Dick put in came out! We now have a strap pulling it down to keep it from jumping up and down.

La Luna is shinning super bright as she is full. We have very few clouds in the sky. We decided to try to head a little east as there looks like there is more wind out that way. Our weather forecasts are looking like we will have fairly calm winds for the next several days. That may give us time to get prepared for the ITCZ zone and the squalls we may experience. Dick has been studying up on the weather. It is a little daunting thinking about what kind of weather we may experience! Also, thinking about the weather in the Islands, sounds like we will be getting some major rain storms.

How far did we go? March 31 – 70 miles

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