Adventures of Maia | Day 5, Sailing with the Spindrifter
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Day 5, Sailing with the Spindrifter

We feel like we are sailing with the trade winds! Even though they are very light, we had the lines of puffy clouds that are typical of the trades!

Early morning (0520) engine on. Windspeed went down to less than 1 knot, only the rate of our roll at the masthead was recording! Speed over ground was less than 1 knot. We motored only until 0740, which was enough to give our batteries an extra charge and also warm our water. Warm showers for all later today!

We had the spindrifter up by 0940, and are very excited about it. Currently wind is blowing 4.7 knots and the boat is moving along at 2 knots. Much better than last night with the Genoa slapping around and us going even slower. The spindrifter is much quieter, we just need to keep a closer eye on it, maker sure it stays full and that we keep the wind coming across our mid-ship.

Late afternoon we doused the spindrifter and furled the main and went in for a swim! It was perfect, even though the water was a little colder than expected, but it felt wonderful!!!

Hannah did some baking today, she made bread and a yummy root vegetable dish. We pondered where to store our eggs and vegetables that we would not fit in fridge and ended up storing them in the V berth. It seems to be the coolest location. Fruits and veggies seem to be holding up ok, bananas are very ripe but still good to eat.

We talked about how night shifts are going today. It seems good for us all. I am feeling a little tired, but will try to get more napping in during the day. My shift goes quickly and it is easy to stay awake, however my body seems to like 8-10 hours a night and I am only getting about 7.

We had dolphins visit this evening, just as it was getting dark. It was hard to see them, but Hannah heard them coming up for breaths and we could see their bodies streaming through the water.

How far did we go? April 2 – 55 miles

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