Adventures of Maia | Day 6, Winds picking up!
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Day 6, Winds picking up!

We decided to sail through the night with the spindrifter as the winds continue to be light. I woke up this morning hearing the water rushing by the hull of the boat and could feel that the boat was heeling. I checked in with Dick and the wind was around 12 knots so we decided to douse the spindrifter ( winds got up to 15 knots). It was a little difficult pulling the spindrifter in, but we managed and then rolled out the genoa.

We have been sailing around 6 knots throughout the day. The swell and winds waves have been rocking us around, so it is not as smooth sailing as the last couple days, but we are making better headway! The monitor wind vane has been working great! Once we took down the spindrifter, we set out the full Genoa with a reefed main and have been sailing smoothly with the monitor ever since. With the lighter winds we had for a couple days we had to give the monitor a little nudge every now and then to keep the sails full and us on track.

It has been quiet without hearing anyone on the VHF radio. The wierd thing was that yesterday (or the day before 🙂 we were hearing the US Coast Guard San Diego for the first time in months. We think probably because we were no longer in the shadow of Baja.

We tune into the Banderas Bay Pacific Puddle Jump Radio net nightly at 0100 zulu, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to hear most people. It is great being able to check in with our position and information and hear where others are. Today we got some bad news, Epiphany, one of the boats in our fleet is heading back as both their battery banks decided to die in unison!

How far did we go? April 3 – 95 miles

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