Adventures of Maia | Day 7 – night 8, One week over, two or three to go???
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Day 7 – night 8, One week over, two or three to go???

It is a dark night, as moon has not risen. It is somewhat of a catch 22, for me, as I really like the moon shining, so I can see all around us. (It feels safer!) But tonight, there are millions of stars shinning even with the clouds around. I see the Southern Cross constellation to the South. The phosforessence in the water is amazingly beautiful, it is like tiny little stars lighting up the water streaming off the boat.

Dick and I made more sail changes first thing this morning. We were heading too far west so we needed to gybe (change direction, with the wind at our stern). Decision was do we just tack (put the sails on the other side of the boat) or sail wing and wing (with the wind directly behind us, with the genoa on one side and the main sail on the other). We decided to tack, once we did, we realized we would be heading to far east, so we reset the genoa and set up the spinnaker pole. We have been sailing wing and wing, with the monitor wind vane ever since!

Hannah and I reduced sail after sunset, as suddenly we were getting gusts up to 15-16 knots, when the wind had been staying below 10 most of the day. The boat was rocking and rolling a little to much. We generally like to be more conservative with our amount of sails out overnight.

We believe we have a couple more days of sailing in the trade winds before we get close to Doldrums and the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone, (ITCZ), where the wind and weather will change. There is generally less wind and also squalls to contend with!

How far did we go? April 4 – 142 miles

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