Adventures of Maia | Day 9, 10, 11, the Doldrums & ITCZ
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Day 9, 10, 11, the Doldrums & ITCZ

We are in the Doldrums / the Intertropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). On Friday night Hannah noticed some lightning, it appeared we had arrived! (As I was laying in the cockpit, wondering if I was going to survive! I got hit with a headache, nausea and vomiting, earlier in the day, not fun!)

We altered course to head to 9* 117 W, as our weather map showed that as the eastern edge of a strong convection warning zone. We were able to steer clear of the storms overnight, then Saturday morning the clouds and storminess were all around us. We lowered the main, reefed the genoa, set up the staysail, and cleared the deck, preparing for whatever may come our way. Do we dive into the dark or steer toward the light? We chose the light!

Around 1000 we could see a storm that appeared to be coming toward the stern of the boat. (We visually look around and also use the radar.) Hannah and I rolled up the Genoa, took off the monitor wind vane and turned on the auto-pilot. By 1045 we were surrounded by the squall, the rain started, we had a small change in wind direction from E to ESE. We had wind up to 21 knots. By 1115 the wind had died, the engine was on and we were heading South. We had survived!!!!

By 1430 engine was off as the wind had picked up. We had NNE winds up to 20 knots the rest of the day and we were sailing by the staysail only! We continued watching for squalls and had a small one Saturday evening. Sunday morning we got hit with a strong rain, but not much wind to go with it. It was an awesome shower for Maia, she hasn’t been this clean in a long time!

How far did we go? April 6, 125 miles; April 7, 138 miles; April 8, 132 miles

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