Adventures of Maia | Day 12 – night 13, Still in the Doldrums and the ITCZ
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Day 12 – night 13, Still in the Doldrums and the ITCZ

It is a beautiful clear night. The stars are out and are lighting up the Ocean all around us. I saw a shooting star! There is very little wind (1-2 knots). The Ocean looks like a big glassy pond, except you can still feel the dependable swell. It is the clearest starlit night of the crossing.

As we are still in the ITCZ, keeping our eyes our for squalls. This evening it looked like we might get hit by one, it came within a mile and then retreated. Lightening is lighting up the sky and it is very hot and humid. The weather reminds me of the midwest and Lake Michigan in the summers. Except there are no mosquitos!

It was a hot, hot day, in the 90’s. We had light winds and this morning Hannah and I gybed the sails as the wind had shifted. Winds were coming from the ESE (East South East) a sign that we might be entering into the Southeast Trade winds! Tonight we are motoring as the winds are very light, 2-4 knots. We are going at 6 knots and the breeze is helping cool things off.

We have somewhat settled into our routines, with our nightshifts and Dick & my naps during the day. Dick has been sleeping in half of the V- berth, the other half is storage, I have taken over the Quarter berth and Hannah is sleeping on the settee. When the wind is blowing and the waves are rocking and rolling the boat making it tough to sleep, we have all figured out how to get comfortable in our bunks. Hannah has figured out how to wedge herself with pillows between the table and the back of the settee. I use my feet and back against the different walls. Dick…..

How far did we go? April 9, 95 miles

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