Adventures of Maia | Day 16, Fluky Winds and Counter-current continue
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Day 16, Fluky Winds and Counter-current continue

Just after midnight, we began motoring as we noticed that we were actually being pushed backward in the equatorial counter-current. The Winds varied between 2 and 5 knots most of the day. Not enough wind to sail… putt, putt, putt.

It’s been a little bit trying for the crew, as we are going super slow. ( I am actually ok with the light winds and slow pace. It is soothing to my soul.) However, we are wondering why we are not to the Equator!? The group that left La Cruz / Puerto Vallarta before us made the crossing to Hiva Oa in around 22 days. It appears that the winds blew more steadily for them (and along with that, they had more squalls).

Late afternoon we took a break, furled the sails and went for a swim. Dick hopped in first and had climbed out onto the swim step, while I was enjoying a dip. He called out “there is a fish bee-lining towards you”. I look up and see this little yellow fish swimming quickly towards me. Next thing I know it is biting my baby toe! Why my toe? We are in the middle of a huge ocean, we had not seen any other fish while we were swimming. Why me? It was the strangest thing!

How far did we go? April 13, 61 miles

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