Adventures of Maia | Day 18 – We have Wind!
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Day 18 – We have Wind!

The winds came back and the counter-current is no more! We appear to be in the South Eastern trade winds. We have been moving along nicely for two days. Winds have been up to 12 knots and our speed averaged around 5 – 6 knots. We have had a couple days of smooth sailing, which is awesome! We are all happy.

We are thinking about our Equator crossing ceremony as we are getting closer! What shall we make? How should we dress? As we will become ” shellbacks” the idea of a turtle shell came up. If it is big enough we could all tuck in behind it for a photo. Oh yea, we’ll also need Neptune’s Trident. We all went to work and the props are ready! Sign will be completed once we arrive!

How far did we go? April 14, 69 miles; April 15, 115 miles

-Monday, April 16 – Day 19 – We are in the Southern Hemisphere!

We had an exciting day, in the morning we had squalls and winds up to 20 knots, (but not much rain). Winds continued about 10 knots for the rest of the day.

At 2:53 MST (1453) we passed the equator at a longitude of 127*50’W and are now “shellbacks”!!! We had a fun celebration and ceremony honoring Neptune and acknowledging our right of passage. We drank Hibiscus wine, ate a little dark chocolate and shared it all with Neptune. We are so excited!!! We took lots of pictures, it turned out to be a beautiful sunny and windy afternoon.

How far did we go? April 16, 138 miles

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