Adventures of Maia | Day 21 – Happy Birthday to Dick
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Day 21 – Happy Birthday to Dick

We’ve sailed 2050 Nautical Miles, over three quarters of our passage. Landfall is just around the corner! Getting excited, but still keeping our eye on the ball. Last night we got hit with our biggest squall yet. With a double-reefed main and staysail, we did well with winds up to 30 knots. We had rain for about an hour. Between the occasional squalls, the wind has continued to blow around 9 – 15 knots, so we have been able to sail at a steady 4- 5 knot pace.

During the planning stages of our possible new sailing life, Dick and I discussed where we would want to be during our 60th birthdays. Dick wanted to be at the Equator! Well, one year later, he became a shellback. Happy 61st Birthday Dick!

We had a quiet morning, around 11:30 started cooking coffee, bacon, pancakes, eggs & preparing our last mangos for a delicious brunch.

About 12:15 a beautiful pod of dolphins came to visit. We saw them swimming and diving towards the boat and then they swam around us for at least 15 minutes. I went up to the bow and watched as they swam along with the boat, also crossing in front, diving down, coming back up. Sometimes in pairs and other times individually. Such graceful creatures. Hearing them breathe, their breaths sound very human like. They were gray, had white snouts, some had spots and it looked like they had a white belly.

About 2:00 we finished up with our brunch. Dishes to do, a surprise cake to make. Before we knew it it was 5:00 and time to prepare dinner. By 6:00 we were all sitting down around the table in the cockpit. We decided to skip the radio net. It was really nice having the evening together. After tostadas and a yummy gf carrot and pineapple cake (thanks Hannah) we watched the sun going down and enjoyed the different figures we could see in the clouds. Then time to prepare the boat for the night, reef the main and the genoa, raise the staysail.

Once the sun had set we looked at the battery voltage and saw that it was low. We decided to run the engine for two hours to get the battery levels back up to a reasonable level. We have been running the engine about every other day.

How far did we go? April 17, 113 miles

  • Elise
    Posted at 22:37h, 26 May Reply

    What a great way to spend your birthday Dick! Happy Belated Birthday.

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