Adventures of Maia | Day 25 – Are We There Yet?
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Day 25 – Are We There Yet?

We have been rocking and rolling for days now, ever since the wind really started to blow (13- 20 knots). The swell has been mixed, coming from the North, East and South East! We are very happy the wind is blowing, but rocking and rolling makes everything difficult; sitting, walking thru the cabin, cooking, sleeping…. We have come up with simple meals to eat and spend most of the time in the cockpit, except when we are checking in on the radio net and (trying to) sleep. It seems for most of the passage, we have had either calm with little wind or rocking and rolling with good wind. The other night I was sitting in the cockpit on my night shift and a wave came right over the side and landed on my lap. Surprise!

We have been looking southwest all day, hoping to catch a glimpse of the islands. We were about 100 miles out this morning and are now 35 miles out. Night is here, we have a beautiful half moon with mostly clear skies (until a cloud builds up and comes out of nowhere). At night, it has been amazing how you look around and it looks clear, then 15 minutes later you see dark clouds out in the distance, and before you know it you are shrouded in a cloud bank.

How far did we go? April 18, 124 miles; April 19, 148 miles; April 20, 148 miles; April 21, 140 miles; April 22, 132 miles

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