Adventures of Maia | Anaho Bay on the island of Nuku Hiva
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Anaho Bay on the island of Nuku Hiva

Happy Birthday Trevor! It is hard to believe 28 years ago Trevor was born and now Dick and I sailed to the Marquesas, never did imagine this amazing journey.

Our overnight sail from Hiva Oa to Anaho bay on Nuka Hiva was uneventful. We must be getting used to the rocky-rolly seas! Winds were 15-20 and on the beam. When we arrived Saturday afternoon, there were 5 other boats in the small anchorage tucked around a little point. Towering above us are tall mountains, soaring cliffs, and red rock mostly covered in greenery. There is a beautiful sand beach that surrounds 3/4 of the bay that is accessible through a little pass in a coral reef protecting the beach. A few structures on shore, a horseman, some copra work. The anchorage is calm!

Sunday morning I slept in as it is Mother’s Day. Dick made me a nice pancake and egg breakfast. (I love the way he spoils me on Mother’s day!) We have a nice relaxing day, spending some time studying for our next big destination, the Tuomotos.

Monday we had a planning session to decide on where we will go in the Tuomotos. This area is much different from where we are now. It is atolls, small low islands surrounded by coral. The Palm trees are the tallest things on the islands. You enter into the area in an opening in the reef where the water rushes in and out with the tides, so planning is of the utmost importance. Snorkeling is supposed to be excellent.

Later that afternoon we went for a walk on the beach. We negotiated the little pass in the reef and stepped ashore. We saw a (cute!) black tipped reef shark in the shallows and a large sting ray in the shallow water right near our feet!!

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