Adventures of Maia | Papeete, Tahiti
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Papeete, Tahiti

Wow, we have been at Marina de Papeete for a week! Adjusting to dock and city life, checking out our neighborhood, seeing what is around and what and where we can re-stock our supplies.

We have had quite a few neighbors, most have been European. From Norway, Finland, France…  It’s been fun to see some familiar faces from Puerto Vallarta and meet others who are on a similar journey as ours. Papeete seems to be a cross roads; cruisers are either staying around the South Pacific Islands for a year or two, heading to New Zealand or Australia or a few are heading to Hawaii and back to the USA! We have gotten to know a few of our new neighbors, last night we went to see Solo (Star Wars) at the local theater that offers english speaking movies on Thursday nights. (French and Tahitian are the major languages spoken here.) We had dinner at the waterfront plaza that fills with food trucks after dusk. Yummy thai for me, and rib-eye and fries for Dick.

We have been working on a few boat projects and spending too much time trying to get communications to work properly. Our IridiumGo satellite device is having problems connecting and we purchased an internet card that works well most of the time. We spent a day on Amazon purchasing products that will be delivered to us by Dick’s sisters who are coming to visit, so we can check a lot of items off the list.

The coolest thing here in Papeete so far was the visit from a big Sea Turtle. Accompanied by several attendant fish, we had quite a group on the dock watching. And, it being Hannah’s last night in the South Pacific, we were thinking it was a nice going away present.


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