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Cooks Bay, Moorea

We are currently in Cooks Bay in Moorea, beginning our Leeward Islands tour. We left Papeete heading for Huahine, however as sailed a little bit away from Papeete the swell increased to 10 feet, a little over our (my) comfort zone. As it is an overnight to Huahine we thought it best to pull over in Moorea and wait a couple days for the swell to die down. (Plus Dick had a cold, so he could take a couple days to feel better.)

We decided to check out Vaiare, the eastern pass (where the ferries land). This turned out to be very exciting. Imagine heading into a pass that is less than a tenth of a mile wide, with coral and breaking surf on either side and threatening waves behind. Well, we made it and decided not to stay because the high winds that were blowing through the anchorage. (We heard it can be great in more settled conditions.)

We headed to Cooks Bay and as we started to enter the pass were contacted by the French Navy. They too were heading into the pass and we had to maintain a greater than 100 yard space from them. As we were ahead of them we continued to our pass entrance, and gunned it to keep the required distance. (Excuse the gun pun 😉 )

Moorea is stunningly beautiful. You have amazing views of the surrounding jagged peaks, especially with the boat is spinning around at anchor. We noticed that some of the massive peaks have holes, like windows in them! (Geologist friends, why is that so?)

The Aimeo hotel is located near the inside anchorage, on the west shore. They hosted the Sailing Rendezvous festivities. The hotel is boater friendly, has a dingy dock, Ponton bar & restaurant and offer internet. There is a car and scooter rental directly across the street. A big grocery store “Super U” is located at the end of the bay along with a Snack place that has a dingy dock.

On our first visit here, we enjoyed snorkeling inside the reef entrance of Cooks bay (near the PaoPao anchorage). We also rented a car to tour the island. We drove up to the Belvedere view point and looked out at the magnificent scenery, including Mt. Rotui, Cooks, and Opunohu Bay. We also took a little hike on one of the many hiking and biking trails in the Opunohu valley.

We have about 3 weeks left on our French Polynesian visas and are looking forward to seeing the rest of French Polynesia. We spent around a month in Tahiti and Moorea. It’s been fun catching up with lots of Puerto Vallarta’s Banderas Bay boats; Cool Change, Sea Casa, Harlequin, Nightide, Boo’s Blue 2, Patience, After Math, Anna, Muskoka, SuAn, Cedna, Summer, One Fine Day.

Manuia! (cheers!)

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