Adventures of Maia | Huahine, French Polynesia
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Huahine, French Polynesia

We are in Huahine and we got hit with a storm today, winds up to 30 knots and major rain. Looks like winds will stay till mid-week. Huahine is lovely! This week there are lots of events with Bastille day coming up on Saturday. We are anchored in the Surfers anchorage, on a shelf in between the two entrances, passe Avamoe and passe Avapehi, near Fare. It has been a great spot to view the outrigger canoe races.

We have been here long enough to see boats from all over the world, some stayed for a bit then moved on, others have been here longer than we. It is mostly sailboats, but we have seen some super yachts and one of the National Geographic boats, “Orion”. It has been interesting to watch the ebb and flow. When we arrived both anchorages (town and surfers) were busy, not so easy to find a spot. Then over the weekend both anchorages seemed to clear out, especially the town anchorage. There were only 3 or 4 boats, when there had been 20 or so!

In Huahine’s main town of Fare there is a BIG Super U grocery store with just about anything you may want. (Groceries, office supplies, household items… We found a dish draining rack that fits perfectly!) Outside of the store there are also local vendors with fresh produce! There is a dingy dock at the Yacht Club, which has a restaurant (plus internet and showers, we have heard). It is a very short walk to the grocery store, the most convenient one we have found in French Polynesia.

There are also touristy shops, a hardware store and several restaurants. One is Izzy’s who has burgers: Cheese, bacon, veggie… We’ve heard the proprietor is from Orange County, California. We hope to stop in before we leave.

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