Adventures of Maia | Avea baie in Huahine
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Avea baie in Huahine

As more high winds were forecasted, we decided to move to a possibly more secure anchorage. We snaked our way down the channel inside the reef. It became super narrow at one point, a fun challenge aboard Maia. We have one of us as a lookout on the bow, while the other is navigating through the waters. On one side of the channel there is the lush green island, towering with tall spires, indented with small bays, a resort with grass huts hanging out over the water and on the other side is the beautiful reef, with crashing surf and picturesque turquoise water. Quite a beautiful site.

We have been enjoying our cruising lifestyle. Today, however, it feels like we have finally arrived at a place where I could get super comfortable. We are currently in Avea baie on Huahine. It is a beautiful open bay with a large crescent white sandy beach along the shore side and with a big reef, ocean side with amazing blue and turquoise water in between. There is lush green tropical forest towering above the bay. We have around 10 boats anchored in the baie. It is 40 feet deep throughout the bay, with deep coral sand and great holding.

This morning the wind was fairly calm, we saw the sun for a bit and I was finally feeling good enough to go out in public (I caught a nasty cold). We dingyed to the Hotel le Mahana dingy dock and took a walk to check out the neighborhood. Within the first five minutes of the walk a beautiful rainbow appeared. There is a nice paved road with a flat grassy area on one side to walk along. We had a mixture of drizzle and clearing, we wore out raincoats for the first time in a long time. (Have I mentioned the weather has changed?)

We arrived at marae Anini and walked down a short road to the historic religious site. It is located on the water next to a white sand beach and we had a nice time enjoying the beautiful site. As we walked back we noticed many beautiful plants and flowers, along with birds and even a dragonfly.

Once back at Hotel le Mahana we sat down for coffee, tea and an Internet session (still slooow) waiting for the restaurant to open for lunch. After 10 weeks in French Polynesia, imagine my surprise when we looked at a menu and it has Gluten Free options! We each had a fully enjoyable meal: grilled fish on a bed of veggie curry with rice and a lovely salad; CHEESEburger, lettuce, tomatoes with crunchy french fries and a salad! We are two happy campers. It is looking like we will have to go back to the le Mahana restaurant as they offer a gluten free chocolate dessert!

  • Ruthie
    Posted at 19:48h, 25 July Reply

    A Restaurant with gluten free choices, just what you were dreaming of Laura.

    • Laura Ritter
      Posted at 21:00h, 20 October Reply

      Hi Ruthie, I’m still dreaming of the Vegan shakes!! XXOO L&D

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