Adventures of Maia | Still about Huahine, Avia baie and Fare
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Still about Huahine, Avia baie and Fare

We finally left Huahine at the end of our third week. We had not intended on staying in there so long, but first there was lots of wind (and it seemed like a safe place to be), then the weather turned nice (so we pumped up the kayak and paddle board and did some paddling), then we found free (pretty good) internet at city hall to get our banking, bill paying and other important tasks accomplished on line, THEN there is the large grocery store where fresh produce and farm fresh eggs are available 6 days a week from locals selling outside the market. The dingy dock is very accessible and the town of Fare is a chill place to be.

This week the weather changed to absolutely perfect. We finally had some calm weather! On Sunday we went for a bike ride to Mauve. We stopped at a couple Marae (ancient religious sites) and a wonderful museum built to replicate a building that existed on the site. We rode past the lake where they had made fish traps out of rocks. They start wide, then narrow down into a curving pools. Depending on the wind direction and tides the locals would expect certain types of fish. Sundays are a good time to get out pedaling on the roads because most of the locals stay close to home.

We had a great time in Avea bay even though we had lots of rain and wind. We hung out with Laurel and Leo a bit from sv Summer. We had met briefly in La Cruz, Mx, they were part of the 50 or so boats who sailed down from there. We had fun one night playing Chicken feet dominoes aboard Maia, after happy hour and dinner on shore.

One morning the sun was shining and there were calm winds. We pulled out our 5 gallon buckets, new plunger and clothes line and washed the laundry. It was the first time using the plunger and it worked great for both the wash and rinsecycle:). As I was swirling the clothes around it was easy to see how they came up with the action in a washing machine! Things dry quickly on a clothesline, however sheets especially need to be managed regularly with the wind gusting them all about.

After our wonderful stay in Avia bay we headed back to the Surfers anchorage at Fare, (called the surfer’s anchorage as it is close to both passes through the reef and great waves. It’s a bonus being able to check the surf from Maia). Our intention was to just stay a couple days, before heading over to Raiatea, Taha’a and then Bora Bora. However, with all cruisers, “Plans are written in the sand at low tide”. Once we found the good free internet at The City Building of Fare, heard that the stores in Bora Bora were just ok and the anchorage there super crowded with other cruisers, we decided to stay on in Fare, check out of French Polynesia there, then head to Raiatea for fuel and our last grocery shop.

We spent 3 days on “administrative” work, getting Maia ready for the voyage, and provisioning. We snuck in some fun with paddling, snorkeling and swimming 🙂 Oh, yea, we also went to Izzy’s buger (proprietor/cook is from Orange County, Cal. She and her husband came to visit 20 years ago and decided they wanted to live here!) I had a veggie burger, no bun with french fries, Dick got the special Izzy’s buger with the local Tahitian beer, Hinano.

Checking out of French Polynesia went well with the Gendarme. We stopped in Tuesday morning and after a session at the gendarme’s desk with Google translate, he requested we come back on Wednesday morning at 7:00. Paperwork filled out by 8:00 (with a little difficulty with not speaking French, thank goodness for the internet). Then back at 2:00 to get the final clearance and our passports stamped!

As we were pulling up anchor at Surfers anchorage, I heard a flutter and looked over across the wheel. To my surprise in the other corner of the cockpit sat a Brown Boobie bird! They had been sitting on the boom earlier. With a little friendly persuasion from Dick, it flew out of the cockpit!

We arrived in Raiatea today and are anchored in baie Vairahi. Besides the mosquitos it is nice and quiet!!!! Though early in the morning we woke to a strong squall that had us up closing hatches!

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