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An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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We have been busy! We have a sailboat that will sail! Mast preparation is complete. Silver dollar placed underneath mast. Mast stepped on Thursday, May 5!!! Just in time for a celebration (on Cinco de Maia) with our dock neighbors Claudia and Kim. On Friday, Brion and crew, began adjusting the rigging. At the end of the day we poured Spartite into the mast and then we needed it to sit as quiet as possible for a minimum of 48 hours, preferably longer. Luckily, we were able to move over to the Sea Marine dock, as there was a sailboat race coming into Port Hudson. The marina was cleared out, so the race boats could dock on Saturday night. We tied up to “Silver Girl” at the dock and the wind got really strong, so we kept an eye out on both boats while watching the racer boats come in. It was So Much Fun watching the boats, bringing back memories of the Mackinac race, where my cruising days began.

There were a lot of projects leading up the Mast being ready to go back in. We installed mast steps, a track for the spinnaker pole, and a trysail track. The old rod was mostly replaced with new rod rigging (which was done by Port Townsend Rigging). However, we made running back stays out of Spectra, the jib stay out of dyeform and the forestay and the back stays out of 1X19 wire rigging. (We were going to use the old jib stay for the back stays but the core was “overstressed” and was pulling away from the outer strands. This would mean that the rigging would not be the strength that we wanted.) Brion taught us how to put on the high mod fittings for our stays and also how to splice, as we helped ready our new rigging.

We had the renaming party for MAIA on Saturday, April 16. Friday, Dick and I, finished taking off the old name from anything and anywhere on the boat and had a de-naming ceremony to please Neptune & Aeolus. David Lee, Dee, Elise, Tom, Lynda, and Terry came for the event Saturday night into Sunday (Dick’s birthday J). Ellen and Stan came for the celebration. About 20 of our new friends from the boating community also joined us. We had a Great time! Dinner after, at Khu Larb Thai (yummy). Then on Sunday we had a great brunch at Point Hudson Café for Dick’s birthday. After brunch, I took off to go to a store with Weeze and then I continued shopping. Trevor had the great idea of a Captains hat for Dick, which I looked for most of the afternoon. Finally, the last store I went in had one! It was a perfect gift.

Sue (Haas McJames) arrived on Monday. We went to visit our good friend Ellen (Wright Berdinner) for afternoon tea in Chimacum at the Farmstand Café. The next day I was asking our dock neighbors about their cockpit cover and Kim said that he had done the work himself and had a Sailrite sewing machine we could borrow. Wow! I approached Sue, our pro seamster (per Mr. Toss), and she said she would help get us started with re-stitching our “Dodger” (partial cockpit cover). This was a project that was not on the list, even though the stitching had started falling apart. Besides “our” project we showed Sue around town a bit, had a nice dinner at the “Owl Sprit” Café, and had a fun dinner at Ellen and Stans. Dick and I continued work on the mast project, and cleaning parts for the steering that were not being replaced. While Sue was here, she helped us move the boat with inside steering, as our new replacement parts had not arrived yet.

April 23 was the Port Townsend Marine Swap and I participated in the Port Townsend Yacht Club event, cleaning the beach at Port Hadlock. I met a lot of nice people and that allowed us the opportunity to join the Yacht Club (mainly for reciprocal privileges at other Yacht Clubs once we begin our journey Northward!) That afternoon we worked with Brion learning how to install Hi-Mod fixtures on our wire rigging. (Fun process, but when I am being showed how to do it, it feels very overwhelming!)

Work continued on the mast project, cleaning winches and once we received the parts for our steering, we put that back together. The last week of April we had our first splicing lesson with Brion. Our new chainplates arrived and were painfully put back in. Dick had a sewing lesson and helped finish our “Dodger project”.

We celebrated our 15/1 year anniversary on May 1. We had a great dinner in town at the Fountain Café.

Re-Naming ceremony to please Neptune & Aoleus!

Bob and Brion, our main rigger team!

We are in Point Hudson Marina in Port Townsend and have been here since March 17. We love the area! It is an awesome little harbor surrounded by historic buildings, with the Ocean or should I say the Sound on two sides. On the Admiralty Inlet side is a beautiful beach. Across the marina, is the end of Water Street and the Port Townsend Maritime Center.

Our last weekend in Anacortes, Elise & Tom came for a visit. It was awesome to have visitors aboard! We had appetizers on the boat, then walked to a Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Sunday, Tom treated us to breakfast at the Calico Cupboard, it was yummy! After bruch, we came back to MAIA and played dominoes. We had so much fun!!

For the re-rigging of MAIA, we decided to work with Brion Toss and Co. When Bob and Brion looked at the boat, Brion immediately started talking about things that could be fixed with BOTH the standing and running rigging! We knew right away that we wanted to work with them. We were excited to find someone who is attentive and thorough and will allow us to do a lot of the work ourselves.

We pulled the Mast (out of the boat – Yikes!) on March 19. It has been stripped and is in the Sea Marine boatyard. Anything that is going back on, will be cleaned and then re-installed. Rigging was removed and measured for replacements. A big decision was whether we could replace our current rod rigging, with wire rigging as wire would allow us to be able to make easier repairs in the field. Final decision was that rod would work best for the overall performance of the boat. Currently, the rod rigging is being fabricated. Chain plates have been removed and will be tested. We have also been working with Port Townsend Sails (Carol Hasse and Alison – our sails person) trying to decide which sails can be repaired or will need to be replaced!

On March 23, we went to storage in Anacortes. On the way, we stopped at the Bridge over Deception pass, it was really beautiful. We got a few things out of storage and then had a quick dinner at the Corner Bar & Grill, then headed to Trader Joe’s in Shoreline to sell the Rocket Box, before going to our Marine Navigation course. It is a ten-week course, where we will be taking the ferry into Shoreline every Tuesday afternoon. Excited about becoming better navigators!

Yesterday, we cleared out of our last storage space! Yea!!! We are whittling down to just what we will keep on the boat. We still have a few more toys to sell, but will keep those to play with for now.


Measuring the rigging for replacements.

Working in the boat yard, getting the mast ready.

Looking through the hole where the mast should be!

Fun riding cruiser to explore Port Townsend and pick up supplies and food.

Chicken Feet Dominoes, fun had by all!

Navigation Course by the Coast Guard Auxilary

Clearing out our final storage space!

EMPTY Storage 🙂

We had a busy 17 days in Park City. It was difficult for me when we first drove into Park Meadows and the cul-de-sac. Looking down at 750 River Birch made me feel sad, because it was not our home anymore. I found it interesting, that in the summer when we re-sided, painted, put on the new door, driveway and walkway, it had never felt like “ours” anymore.

It was great seeing people in Park City. I had a fun ski day with Susan & Guy. The weather was beautiful most of the time we were in PC, which was nice, as we emptied our storage space and spent a lot of time in the garage getting things organized, before packing up. Our last day in Park City we finished packing the truck and trailer, did a bunch of errands, and then before we drove away, we stopped by each of the old neighbor’s houses, to say good bye.

I cried when we left, as we said good bye to Park City and then the Wasatch Range, not knowing when we would be returning. What a beautiful mountain range. I have so many memories of Salt Lake and Park City. The trip to Washington was quick. We spent one night on the road (we slept in the truck), then Maude & John’s, David & Dee’s, Weezie’s, before we arrived in our current town of Anacortes.

We rented a storage area in Anacortes to use during the transition. We spent a night in a hotel with Ellie and then took her to a boarding facility. It was hard dropping her off, (it felt similar to when I would drop Trevor off for daycare). All is good now and we feel it was a good transition for her to the boat.

We spent another day up in Sydney BC, doing our final inspection of our soon to be new sailboat, Respect / Maia. We loaded on all the additional items that Wayne had for her. It all seems surreal. The next day, Tuesday, we took the ferry from Anacortes to Friday Harbor, where we took possession of MAIA after she passed through customs! We then sailed her back to Anacortes.

We have begun our new life, living aboard. We are slowly getting organized as I came down with a nasty cold, spending our first full day mostly sleeping. Dick and I had a couple good musters, talking about what needs to be done and where we will put our things. We had some riggers come by today and we liked what they had to say. We will see where the bid comes in. I am feeling a little better today, so I could get a few things put away. Looking forward to tomorrow when we will move in more!

Dick, Ellie and I are back in Park City, staying at our friends and old neighbor’s, Eva & Bob Brehm’s on River Birch Court! The survey and sea trial went well, we are here for a mere three weeks before we move back to the Pacific Northwest to pick up our new sailboat and home!!!

The last week of the trip went fast, we spent a couple nights in Sidney (a cute BC town). We then headed back over the border for another nice visit with Lynda & Terry (who we are so grateful to, for being able to store the Airstream while we were gallivanting about in Washington and British Columbia)! Our next night, we caught up with my dear college friend David Lee & Dee in their gorgeous home south of Portland. Then we spent one last night in the “Land Yacht” near Medford, OR before returning it to Maude and John in Capay, CA. Saturday we had a wonderful family dinner with Erin, JT, Daniel, Luke, Maude and John.

The drive back to Utah was mostly in light snow, a nice change from the rain. We arrived in Park City to a beautiful winter wonderland. Happy to be “home”, spending time with friends and family while making the last purge of stuff, before heading off on our big journey!

Our trip to Canada, was successful. We found our new home! We spent most of the week up in BC. January 20, we drove to Tsawwassen, British Columbia, and took the ferry to Sidney. We looked at one boat there and then drove to Victoria and had our first look at “Respect”. The next day, we spent with the owner, Wayne, who did a thorough job of showing us the entire boat. We opened all the nooks and crannies and he explained it all to us. He even treated us to lunch at the Victoria Yacht Club. That evening we made an offer and it was accepted. We will be having a survey and sea trial on Tuesday to make sure she is sound. We are so excited!

Dick, Ellie & I had a beautiful drive up Highway 1 from Morro Bay to San Francisco! We were thinking of staying in Big Sur, but it was pouring rain and everything was drenched, so we made it further up the Coast to Pescadero. From Pescadero, we found a delightful Campground near Santa Cruz, with an Ocean view. We were excited to look at boats in the San Francisco, explore the area a bit and meet up with my cousin, Mark Beeson. We had a good SF visit, but as none of the boats spoke to us, we continued to the Pacific Northwest!

We boogied up the amazing Oregon Coast, it felt much more rugged than California. We spent just one night in Oregon in wonderful campground on a small lake. It was very green and lush. We rushed, as we wanted to arrive in Seattle by Friday to look at a boat that was not yet on the market. We were excited to spend the weekend in Seattle with friends!

On Friday, we first met up with Lynda and Terry Lahman for a wonderful lunch and a quick tour of their amazing property. They offered to keep the trailer for us while we were in the area (we did not want to haul it around the Seattle area, as we had a real home to stay in)! Then we were off to see Hello World, a Caliber 40 sailboat, it is a possibility for us! While in Seattle area we stayed with good friend Elise Trester, in her lovely condo in Sammamish, WA. We spent time catching up with her and her bo, Tom Blackwood, went out to see Star Wars, did some hiking and began learning to live with rain and more rain or as Tom described it to us, “Perma-mist”.

We looked at several more boats in the Seattle area, but nothing seemed to quite right. Our broker, Pete McDonagle with Swiftsure Yachts, recommended we look at a couple Sceptre 41 sailboats. They were designed and built in Vancouver, Canada and had the specifications we were looking for. There were two available in Victoria. So, today we are heading up to Canada, (my first time ever) to look at the boats. We feel that we are getting close to finding our new home!

the Adventurer’s

MAIA’s crew



We had a wonderful 2 nights at Carpinteria State Beach. We loved the town. When we exited Highway 1 we found a great little strip mall with everything we needed. (Including a dog wash that was necessary for Ellie on our second day!) The State Park campground is directly on the beach! We had big waves so the campsites that are directly on the beach were closed. We were in the next row, with an unobstructed view of the beach and the huge ocean waves right out our back window.

Big surf at Carpinteria State Beach

There is a great trail out of the park to the south that we explored on our first morning. We then headed into Santa Barbara and took a little tour before we had lunch at a FisHouse. I had a wonderful fish taco and Dick loved his fish sandwich. Coffee after at the French Press. Then we met Jolie and Scott who live aboard their 38 ft sailboat in Santa Barbara harbor.

Jolie and Laura in Santa Barbara

Yesterday, we headed further North to Morro Bay State Park. We got there just in time to see the sunset. We took some amazing pictures, (I think the best ever!). Our nephew Seth, came down for dinner, and we hung out around a campfire.  Today was a misty rainy day. We drove to Seth & Karen’s in Atascadero and then went on a road tour of Daou winery (where Seth is working) and drove up the coast to Piedras Blancas near San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals. It is currently birthing and mating season. Lot’s of babies hanging on the beach with their mamas! Tomorrow we will be off to head further up the coast, Dick says the next part is the most beautiful. We plan to get to San Francisco on Monday or Tuesday and we have a couple boats we are interested in looking at!

Huntington Beach, California Huntington Beach, California

We are on our road trip up the West Coast!! This is day three. We stayed at Huntington Beach RV park for 2 nights (I give it a 3 out of 5; great location, across PCH from a beautiful beach, nice laundry, pool & jacuzzi, the bathroom and showers are ready for a remodel.) While in the Los Angeles area we looked at several boats; a Norseman 400, Valiant 40 & Westsail 42. Ellie spent a little time on the deck of a boat and liked it!

While we were in San Diego we looked at an Island Packet. We like the boat, it seems like it would be comfortable and safe, however it is a little pricy, does not seem to have much storage, and not sure how well it will sail into the wind.

Today we left Huntington is a torrential rain storm! We went to look at the Norseman again, it was amazingly dry. We like the boat, love the inside however it will need a lot of work to get it ready to sail. Another unknown is the multiple blisters on the bottom of the boat!

The drive up Highway 1 was wonderful. We had rain for much of the day, but driving along the ocean was beautiful and saw a rainbow! We stopped in Malibu for Coffee/Tea and the mapping program took us around on a loop to get back to Highway 1. We came down a steep road with a wonderful ocean view, and ended up on a great beach (near the Sunset restaurant)!

Now we are at Carpentaria State Park, which is right on the beach. Looking forward to spending time here tomorrow and going to Santa Barbara!

We are Vagabonds! We are on our way to San Diego to visit family, look at boats & begin a road trip up the West Coast to find our new “home” (a sailboat)! The house sold in November, everything we still own is either with us or in storage (we still have way to much stuff in storage)!

We have quite a few types of sailboats in mind, (in the 40 ft range,) but ours has not shown up yet. So far we spent a lot of time online looking at boats and have taken a couple trips to look at boats in person. We plan to find a boat that will keep us safe, but will also sail well into the wind. Will she be a Corbin, Norseman, West Sail, Valiant, Caliber, Passport, Nordic, Shannon, Island Packet or ???? We have a list of boats that we are considering that we received when we took our Offshore Cruising Seminar from John and Amanda Swan Neal. (

As we drove thru the night, boat names came to mind; Zzyzzx, Dark Water, La Luna, Nisqualli, Established, Moon.

Possible domain name; Keep rolling, Centered,

A Blog name; Dick & Laura’s (Sailing) Adventures

This road trip seems to be part of the Journey. When Dick brought up this sailing adventure, about 4 years ago, I was hesitant, to say the least (Hi Dad)! One of my reasons not to go sailing was that I wanted to see more of the US, via land. Driving up the way up the West Coast of the US, will get that checked off my bucket list!

Everything has come together nicely since “the wedding proposal’ in April. We were married May 1! We had amazing weather for a Round Valley wedding, a wonderful gathering in our backyard and a perfect weekend with family and friends.

Next, the house got new windows, siding, paint, front walk & driveway. We finished with awesome landscaping (thanks Bill White). Our realtor, Tom Peek recommended we get some help with selling the house. We had a “stager”, Kelley come to help us decide what we should leave in the house (which was not much). We had already gotten rid of a lot of stuff at our yard sale, so we got rid of more!! Then we had cousin, Maura Powers, a realtor & feng shui expert come over to help with the finishing touches and we got rid of more stuff!! (thanks Maura) We staged three rooms with rented furniture. The house looked awesome and no longer felt like our own. The house sold within 6 weeks (thanks Team Peek), and we were out the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Our close friend, Sue McJames let us stay at her home during the transition from house to sailboat. She was traveling for part of the time, so we were able to spread out and get re-organized and get rid of more stuff!! Everything we have now is either in storage or with us!! Trevor moved to Salt Lake and is living with a couple of friends in an apartment near the U.

the Adventurer’s



Dick had a dream in his 20’s to sail around the world. He brought up the idea to me a couple years ago, I was a hesitant at first and came around slowly. Our plan became to sell the house and most of our things and then buy a sailboat, which would become our new home. This would make us free to go wherever we wanted for as long as we wanted. In April, we decided we could make the dream of cruising and sailing happen by the end of the year!!! Nevertheless, a few things needed to happen first! After being partners for 14 years, he proposed and we became married on May 1 (our “14th first date anniversary”). We had an awesome ceremony in the mountains in Park City and then a wonderful celebration in our backyard.

Before selling the house and buying a sailboat we had to fix up the house, (new siding, windows, driveway, paint inside & out, and upgraded landscaping). We also needed to clear out 11 years of all the wonderful things we gathered. It was a busy summer, but we made it all happen, the house went on the Market this past week! What we did not realize was that to sell the house, it would be best if we pretty much moved everything out of the house, before we sold. (Our realtors said it was best to stage the house, to sell it quickly.) The realtor open house was on Tuesday, we had 4 showings (no offers yet). We have had some crazy couple months!! “Our house” no longer feel like our home, which probably is a good thing, since it will be someone else’s soon!

The next BIG step is to find our new home, a 38-44 foot sailboat. The search will begin soon, as we hope to be on the water sometime this coming winter. The last couple nights have been our first to relax in a long, long time. Deep breaths and believe the stress will be over soon and that this will be the beginning of an amazing journey! Hope to see you out there!!! Fair winds & following seas!