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An adventure, sailing and cruising throughout the world with Laura, Dick and Ellie.
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We decided to sail through the night with the spindrifter as the winds continue to be light. I woke up this morning hearing the water rushing by the hull of the boat and could feel that the boat was heeling. I checked in with Dick and the wind was around 12 knots so we decided to douse the spindrifter ( winds got up to 15 knots). It was a little difficult pulling the spindrifter in, but we managed and then rolled out the genoa.

We have been sailing around 6 knots throughout the day. The swell and winds waves have been rocking us around, so it is not as smooth sailing as the last couple days, but we are making better headway! The monitor wind vane has been working great! Once we took down the spindrifter, we set out the full Genoa with a reefed main and have been sailing smoothly with the monitor ever since. With the lighter winds we had for a couple days we had to give the monitor a little nudge every now and then to keep the sails full and us on track.

It has been quiet without hearing anyone on the VHF radio. The wierd thing was that yesterday (or the day before 🙂 we were hearing the US Coast Guard San Diego for the first time in months. We think probably because we were no longer in the shadow of Baja.

We tune into the Banderas Bay Pacific Puddle Jump Radio net nightly at 0100 zulu, but unfortunately, it is very difficult to hear most people. It is great being able to check in with our position and information and hear where others are. Today we got some bad news, Epiphany, one of the boats in our fleet is heading back as both their battery banks decided to die in unison!

How far did we go? April 3 – 95 miles

We feel like we are sailing with the trade winds! Even though they are very light, we had the lines of puffy clouds that are typical of the trades!

Early morning (0520) engine on. Windspeed went down to less than 1 knot, only the rate of our roll at the masthead was recording! Speed over ground was less than 1 knot. We motored only until 0740, which was enough to give our batteries an extra charge and also warm our water. Warm showers for all later today!

We had the spindrifter up by 0940, and are very excited about it. Currently wind is blowing 4.7 knots and the boat is moving along at 2 knots. Much better than last night with the Genoa slapping around and us going even slower. The spindrifter is much quieter, we just need to keep a closer eye on it, maker sure it stays full and that we keep the wind coming across our mid-ship.

Late afternoon we doused the spindrifter and furled the main and went in for a swim! It was perfect, even though the water was a little colder than expected, but it felt wonderful!!!

Hannah did some baking today, she made bread and a yummy root vegetable dish. We pondered where to store our eggs and vegetables that we would not fit in fridge and ended up storing them in the V berth. It seems to be the coolest location. Fruits and veggies seem to be holding up ok, bananas are very ripe but still good to eat.

We talked about how night shifts are going today. It seems good for us all. I am feeling a little tired, but will try to get more napping in during the day. My shift goes quickly and it is easy to stay awake, however my body seems to like 8-10 hours a night and I am only getting about 7.

We had dolphins visit this evening, just as it was getting dark. It was hard to see them, but Hannah heard them coming up for breaths and we could see their bodies streaming through the water.

How far did we go? April 2 – 55 miles

It feels like we are getting into a routine. We had another day of light winds, sunshine, and a full moon rise, I’m a happy girl! Weather is forecasting a couple more days of light winds. No easter egg hunt aboard Maia.

Dick pulled out the Honda generator early and charged the batteries. We went over safety procedures today and realized we need to get clearer on our COB (crew overboard) procedures. We also talked about the liferaft, fire and fire extinguishers, EPIRB and a few other things.

Tonight was our night to host the Banderas Bay Pacific Puddle Jump Radio net, we had lots of checkins! Thank goodness Sea Casa was there to relay for us. We could only hear a few boats clearly, which has seems to be the situation most evenings. It is great to be able to find out where others are and really exciting when we hear when one of the fleet has become Shellbacks! (They have crossed the equator and are now in the Southern Hemisphere.)

How far did we go? April 1 – 78 miles

It was a gorgeous day, temperature in the 80’s. We put up a shade cloth in the cockpit in the morning and it stayed comfortable. We spend most of our time in the cockpit, when not cooking, sleeping or on the SSB radio. The cabin gets hot, we only allow a hatch or two to be open, so not much breeze comes through.

The wind mellowed even more today. Currently it is only blowing 5 knots from the North and our speed is in the 1 knot range. It feels ok to be going this slow, knowing that we have a limited amount of fuel for the trip. The sea has really mellowed, (2-4 ft with a long break between them) so it is super comfortable. Dick got the monitor windvane going, and it is working fairly well. Occasionally, we need to tweek it a little, but it is really helping with using less power & it is quiet!!!

We had a couple more yummy meals today. We had brunch around noon, with potatoes, onions, mushrooms and eggs. For dinner, quesadillas with blue corn tortillas, artichokes, beets, leftover rice and potatoes.

Our night shifts seem to be working, I start the evening at 2100 and go till 0030 when Hanna takes over until 0400. Dick generally does a little longer shift until I wander up around 0830. Then he goes back to sleep for a bit. Then I take over until they wake up again. It has been nice having quiet mornings.

Today, the boom was banging around with the light winds and one of the new gooseneck screws Dick put in came out! We now have a strap pulling it down to keep it from jumping up and down.

La Luna is shinning super bright as she is full. We have very few clouds in the sky. We decided to try to head a little east as there looks like there is more wind out that way. Our weather forecasts are looking like we will have fairly calm winds for the next several days. That may give us time to get prepared for the ITCZ zone and the squalls we may experience. Dick has been studying up on the weather. It is a little daunting thinking about what kind of weather we may experience! Also, thinking about the weather in the Islands, sounds like we will be getting some major rain storms.

How far did we go? March 31 – 70 miles

It is a beautiful night, with an almost full La Luna lighting our way. We have about a 90% cloud cover, but she has everything lit up nicely! With her light, I feel safer and it makes for a much easier night passage.

Our wind calmed a bit today, but we sailed again all day. Speed averaging around 4 knots. The seas have calmed tremendously! Swell is around 2-4 feet from the North. Winds have varied a bit, currently 10 knots from the North. We have been heading in a westerly direction and will be passing Isla San Benidido in an hour or so and then will head more Southerly.

There has been quite a few big boats (10-15) we have been seeing on the AIS today. Boats going to Mexico, South America, Panama! We have only been able to see a few in person, the rest are just symbols on our chart plotter.

With the calmer day, Dick pulled out the generator and was able to top up the water tanks with the water maker. We all took showers this evening! Dick also added the new anti-slip to the stairs. It feels much better and looks better too! Hannah and I played some rounds of Gin (card game), FUN!

Everyone is feeling better today, especially Hannah. She ended taking a couple of anti-nausea pills and felt better fast. Oh, the miracle of drugs. (Definitely recommend Ondansetron, orally disintegrating tablets.) I am feeling a little off, I think mostly because of lack of sleep. I finally got the blog updated the night before we left, staying up until 3:30. I have always been a great procrastinator!

I cooked our first real dinner of the trip, sautéed mushrooms, onions, zuchini & kale and we made white basmati rice. It was super tasty. We have lots of fresh veggies to use up before they expire!

How far did we go? March 30 – 130 miles

Hannah and I stowed for Sea, while Dick checked us out of the Marina. Returning our gate keys we received 1000 pesos back, (about $50 u.s.), so Dick went to the Marine store, bought a few things then went by Starbucks and brought us back treats! We left Marina Vallarta by 1040.

We motored across Banderas Bay to anchor for a couple hours while Dick cleaned the bottom and Hannah and I did our last few things with Internet. While crossing the bay I was focused on putting out a Facebook post. Once we anchored in Punta Mita (at 1345) the wind really started to blow! Of course internet was slow, using our cell connection, so our final time was frustrating and slowly productive.

At 1635 the engine was back on and we were on our way to the South Pacific! We turned into the wind to raise the main, headed out a bit, then unfurled the Genoa. We have been sailing ever since!

Winds were in the 15-20 knot range with 4-6 ft swell and wind waves. The sea had us rocking and rolling around, which was not the best for Hannah and my stomachs! I actually was feeling pretty good, then went down below to grab something, quickly came back up and blew chow over the rail. It happened another time, when I quickly went down below. Finally at 1230, I was off my night shift and quickly climbed onto the settee to sleep. Hannah’s been feeling pretty lousy since about 1800 yesterday. I’m feeling better, but still mostly hanging up in the cockpit or sleeping down below. Luckily, Dick has a stomach of steel!

We have beautiful weather, just needed a light jacket last night! Today tank top and shorts with the life jacket layer on top. For the first 17 hours, we were sailing around 7 knots, if we keep up this speed we would be in the Marquesas in 17 days! Currently, (at 2230) winds and seas have mellowed, wind is blowing 11-13 knots, our speed is around 6 knots, with a much nicer sea state!

We are expecting a 21 – 30 day journey. We hope to be in the Trade winds for most of the journey, but will also go thru the ITCZ, the doldrums and cross the Equador! Most people experience squalls when going thru the ITCZ. What does MoNa have in store for us? We will watch the weather and keep track of where the squalls are and plan to head over the top of them. It looks like we have quite an exciting journey in front of us!

How far did we go? March 29 – 140 miles

Food, food, food, shopping, shopping, stashing away. We have been stocking up on food to last us 3 months or more. Also, making sure we have maintenance items that may be needed for Maia. We have heard that it can be hard to find things until we get to Tahiti, which may take as long as 3 months. (Getting excited!)

Continuing to work on projects; putting together the ditch bag, storage for the V berth, re-marking chain, deck drain cleaning, sail inspections, rig inspection, store Jordon Drogue, install high water bilge alarm, defrost the fridge, find charts wanted for the South Pacific area, organize First Aid kit, make copies of documents. Sewing projects included; lee cloth, galley strap, screen repair, mesh container for settee storage. They all turned out great!

We are in La Cruz Marina. We took a break and spent about a week at the anchorage. We have really been enjoying it here. Meeting new friends (Small World, Borboleta), seeing old friends (Salt and Light, Aloha) and friends of friends. There has been lots of different talks; provisioning, suture class, weather, radio, circumnavigation…. Also, the Puddle Jump group has been meeting on Sunday morning. It has been good for dissemination of information! Thursday night movies, easy bus rides into Bucerias, Walmart, Mega, Soriana, Chedraui and the “Bee Store” that has spices, beans, nuts & seeds. The 8:30 morning net on 22, is really informative and helpful.

We have been tying up a bunch of loose ends, (including this blog). We expect to be leaving with the next weather window that could be any day!

The epic Costco shopping trip!

We were packed into the car! Thanks Kristin for taking us to Costco and putting lots of stuff on your lap.

The Costco haul!

Thanks for the weather talk, Mike (PV Sails and North Sails)!

See Hannah watching Dick. She is belaying him.

Heading out to the Anchorage! Wait, I am not onboard!!!

See Mighty Merloe! We have seen her in San Diego, Cabo, San Diego and now here in La Cruz!

Dick has a new toy! It is just about time to start playing on it.

Defrosting the freezer. This is the freezer section of our fridge. The box freezes things well. To bad it is not bigger! Wow, there is so much more room now!

Cutting out mesh for the settee compartment covers.

Storing Jordan series drogue.

Sewing is creative and fun!

Hannah makes bread!

Crossing off things on the list! See our new storage cover with snaps!

Dick, Laura, Hannah with Krystle and Kraig from s/v Small World. (yes it is a small world!)

Here we are in Marina La Cruz, we arrived in Puerto Vallarta on February 10. We had a nice trip down the coast with stops in Isla Isabel (check out the pictures of the Boobies), Machacan Bay, San Blas, (beautiful little town), and Chacala (fun to swim in and hang out on the beach).

Trevor and Macie arrived on Feburary 15. We had a wonderful week visit with them. We sailed from Marina Vallarta in Puerto Vallarta to Punta Mita and saw lots of Whales. It was really cool. When we were pulling up anchor to head to La Cruz, we had a whale come visit us about 200 ft away! Such an awesome treat! Trevor and Macie went to Sayulita for 3 nights (we went for one). What a fun town, lots of great energy, places to eat and an awesome beach with some good surf. It was crowed with tourist’s!

When we arrived in PV, we first stayed in Marina Vallarta. It was perfect as we were able to walk to the airport in 20 minutes to pick up Trev & Macie. There are several grocery stores nearby and we met some cruiser friends. The big news is, that we have a crew member for the crossing to French Polynesia. Hannah is awesome! She is a super hard worker and is keeping us on task! We are so happy to have her onboard.

I got super sick last week and am still trying to recover. We have been busy, trying to get everything ready for the crossing. I am looking forward to feeling better!


Our cockpit is where we spend most of our time while we are underway.

Sunset in Isla Isabella

The anchorage at Isla Isabela.

Blue footed Boobie’s!

Another inhabitant in Isla Isabella.

We have peeping toms!

in San Blas, Mexico

The beach in Chacala.

Another fun dinner with Leilani and Mike, s/v Aloha.

Leilani comes for a visit, with Aloha behind at Punta Mita.

We had a great overnight sail across the Bay of California to Mazatlán. We had some good wind and were able to sail for quite a bit of the journey. The wind picked up right when we went out at 0800. During the night you could see the phosphorescence in the water. As the phosphorescence flowed away from the boat, it looked like twinkling stars. Sometimes I wonder if it is just the stars reflecting in the water!

We had a fun and hot time in Mazatlán. It was such a wonderful surprise to see our friends, s/v Salt & Light, (Kristin, John, Toby & Karis). We first met them last year as we were heading down the Baja coast in Turtle Bay. Such a cool family who spent most of this past year in Mazatlán. It was great to reconnect.

The people in the Marina were super friendly and we went to the Marina’s beach club to watch the elusive Lunar Eclipse. The moon was shinning bright, until right before the Eclipse was starting and then it disappeared into the clouds, never to appear during the eclipse. We also had a memorable day when we went to see the tide pools in Punta Cerritos and then had an amazing walk back down the beautiful beach and ended up at the Infinity Pool at the Marina Mazatlán Beach club. It finally felt like we were on vacation!

We spent two nights at anchor in Stone Harbor. Amazing to run into Shala, another Sceptre arrive with Harry and Evgeniya.

Heading into Mazatlan!

Infinity pool, ahhhhhhh

We encountered some traffic leaving Mazatlan, see dredge behind on left.

Sunset on the great Pacific Ocean.

Getting a little surfing in!

We were very surprised to see Shala, another Sceptre arrive at Stone Island anchorage. Fun to meet Harry and Evgeniya.


We are in Cabo! We arrived on January 18 and have been enjoying our time in Los Cabos. We anchored in Cabo San Lucas for 5 nights, we went into “town” a couple times. We paddled out to “Lover’s Beach”

Just a sliver of La Luna

With Leilani from s/v Aloha

Lover’s Beach

Hair braiding on the beach in Cabo.

Picking veggies at El Ganzo Centro Comunitario!

, one morning and had a lovely time on the beach. We even saw a whale that was feeding close to shore! After the beach we paddled to the main “tourist” beach and walked along the shore. As we were walking past a small restaurant we were approached by the proprietor who said we could leave our kayak and paddle board on the beach and enjoy lunch! It was super nice and relaxing, with our toes in the sand. The food was good, and the atmosphere was awesome. I even had my hair braided, while we were sitting there! Leilani and Mike had arrived the day before, they came in and joined us for lunch.

We had a couple of quick days in San Jose del Cabo. It was awesome to wash Maia after 3 weeks. We went for a bike ride and found a neat sculpture garden. We were also able to get fresh greens at the El Ganzo Centro Comunitario! (Art & garden program for the local kids!)